Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Little Piece of Heaven...

I am stoked!! After almost 5 years of owning our beautiful garage sale set of furniture, we have officially purchased a new couch with an otoman. What's funny is I actually feel bad for the furniture we have to get rid of. We had some good times, endless naps, date nights watching romantic comedies...Derek, me and the couch that is. It's been with us in Moorhead, Fargo, Bloomington and Apple Valley and now to a family in Anoka. We decided to put it on Craig's List just to see if it would sell and we had about 8 responses within the first couple days, I will be putting more stuff on there.

Here's the only downside, our couch does not come in until Oct. 1st and the lady is coming to pick up our furniture on Sept. 16. We will be without a couch to sit on for a couple weeks. Luckily however, Derek's family is coming this weekend, so we will have it for when they are here. Then we will be heading to J-town for a wedding on Sept. 23, so really it won't be too bad. We have a recliner already that belonged to my beloved grandpa and a chair that I just attempted to recover...let's just say I will never make it on Project Runway or Design Star, but it looks deece none the less.

I would just like to say thank you to our wonderful furniture that has been so faithful to us for our first 3 years of marriage, you never let us down. We will forever miss the random black and white leafy flowery design with black wood and gold trim.