Friday, February 27, 2009

A Quarter of a Century Old

It's official, I'm 25 years old and just had my last birthday as just a wife. It's funny how simple and uneventful your birthdays get as you get older. All the way up through high school, I would have parties which included, lots of food, lots of pop, lots of friends, sleepovers and tons of Sally videos. I have some awesome memories from those...and some great blackmail videos:) However, now I'm married to my best friend, and get to spend every birthday with my wonderful husband, which is awesome! Every year, Derek makes me a cake from scratch, the last two years has been a red velvet cake, soooooo delicious! He treats me so well and knows just how to love me. This year I got so many phone calls and messages, it's great to know that I have so many wonderful friends and family. Thank you!

On another note, I'm pretty sure I felt the baby moving today. It's crazy how fast this pregnancy is going. Pretty soon it will be July and we will be parents, wow.

I'm not looking forward to Sunday, Derek will be in Florida for 10 days for a Best Buddies audit. I really don't like being away from him for that long, especially with all these extra emotions running through me. I will miss him so much! I am looking forward to next weekend, I have 3 of my best girlfriends coming to visit, Jenni, Missy and Kristy. The plan is to paint and do some organizing...but we'll see how much of that is actually done, which I'm okay with not getting anything done. At least I won't be alone for the whole time Derek is away.

Okay, yesterday, when I got home from work, we got to leave early and it took me an hour to get home, it took me 7 times of backing in and out of our driveway to actually get in the driveway and then I couldn't get in the garage, I had to get out and shovel a path for my tires, and finally got in the garage. We got so much snow!!! Then I had a coupon for a free cold stone ice cream that expired last night, so we had to go out in the mess, can't waste free ice cream, and couldn't get Derek's car back in his spot when we got back, what a night! Got to love Minnesota weather:) I do love snow though, maybe just not driving in it with bad tires is all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

To be or not to be...

Almost everyone at church got the flu last week, it was crazy! All the pastors and their spouses went to a retreat, and then one by one started dropping like flies with the flu. I wouldn't let Andrew and Jeremy near me...I wasn't about to get the flu while being pregnant. I thought I had lucked out, but then a couple days ago I started sneezing, getting a runny/stuffed nose, pounding sinus headaches...which are all symptoms of a sinus infection for me. So right now I'm miserable. I called the nurse at the hospital to see what I can take and she told me everything I already was doing, resting, fluids (enough to have to pee every 30 minutes), saline spray...I was like, give me something else! She said I could take tylenol sinus, which helps a little. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I didn't get the flu, but my entire face is pounding. I'll get over it.

On another note, I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant! I haven't felt the baby move yet, but they said between 16-20 weeks, so I could still have a couple weeks. I'm so excited! I can definitely feel it pushing down on my bladder when I sit and do other things. Is it bad that the only thing we have for the baby right now is shampoo, body wash and lotion? I guess we're just waiting to find out what it is, which I am very excited for!

I'm very excited to have Monday off of work, yah for presidents! However, my lovely husband has to work, which really doesn't make it very fun. I'll probably just end up cleaning anyway, wooo!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!