Friday, March 29, 2013

First Semi-successful Family Movie Picnic

It's one of those times where you think in your head, "we should have a picnic in the living room while watching a movie, it'll be so much fun!"  

And then what's in your head and what actually takes place are two completely different scenarios.  In my head, we would have a mess free, quiet meal, while enjoying the movie, all together as a family.  

What actually happened...we didn't make food in advance, so we made popcorn as an appetizer, while daddy made homemade pretzel dogs (we had to wait for the dough to rise), so the movie ended up being paused 10 times, with popcorn all over the blanket, kids running back and forth from the kitchen to see what daddy was doing, standing in the way of someone's view, getting upset...however, it was still fun, we watched Wreck it Ralph, very cute, and had a little dance party at the end.  Next time we'll be a little more prepared:)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunshine in Miami

Flying and traveling has always been exciting to me.  Growing up, my sister, Alyssa, and I used to travel 2-3 times a year to visit our dad where ever he was at the time, Houston, Tulsa, St. Paul, and Missoula.  I mean, we were kids, by ourselves, on an adventure...minus the fact that Alyssa is four years younger than me and was a pretty annoying little sister who was quite the pest.  Pushing the flight attendant button repeatedly, spilling her drink on me (twice in one flight one time), dragging her whining butt through airports...once we were fighting in our seats and the nun next to us said if we didn't stop, we were going to hell...a little extreme if you ask me.  She's better these days;)

I still love to fly, but with Derek or by myself is preferred, this was my experience last year with kids.  When Derek and I first met over 11 years ago, he had never been on a plane, however, now he flies a lot more than me.  This last year, he has been traveling to Miami monthly where he has two clients.  He takes a 10 day trip down there every March, which before kids was a piece of cake, but now, a little more difficult.  So this year, he flew down on a Sunday, I flew down on Thursday, and some friends of mine watched the kids for a night, then my mom and stepdad came to watch them until I got back Tuesday.  I was so excited to see my man!  It reminded me of when he went to college and I didn't see him for four months...I realize this was only four days, but there were still butterflies:)  Just him and I...and his coworker, in the condo downtown that they rent while they stay there, the same place we stayed with the kids last year.  It's super nice, right by a bay where you can see manatees and dolphins, J-Lo's ginormous yacht parked out front, a pool, hot tub and fitness center.  It's fun to go to a completely different city and experience the culture.  


Draw bridge outside our window, goes up all the time, way worse than waiting for a train!
J-Lo's yacht (she wasn't staying on it)

Beautiful view from the pool deck.
Sea manatees...if you look closely.
On Friday, unfortunately, Derek had to work, so I had the day to do whatever I wanted...crazy!  I worked out, sat by the pool and read, had lunch with Der, and took a nap (rarely happens!).  It was such a nice, relaxing day.  I'm not a runner, at all, but it was so beautiful out and I was inspired.  The first time, I ran 2 miles and the next time I ran close to 3 and the third time I ran 3.6!  I think it's the most I've ever ran at once.  The month and a half of P90X must be working:)  If only I could run along side the ocean everyday...

Over the weekend we went to a U of Miami baseball game and to South Beach, I love the ocean.  If we could live on a beach or a mountain, I'd be a happy girl:)  Of course the two pasty white snow dwellers got burned while on the beach (we did put on sunscreen, just should have reapplied after a couple hours).  We had some much needed alone time together.  Even though he worked, we still had time to reconnect, hold hands, laugh, play together and talk.  It was good for our hearts and souls.  We love our kids with all our being, but our relationship and marriage come first, after God.  

The ocean, sand, my babe, a baguette and butter, perfect!

He's all mine;)

It's so hard leaving our kids.  We've left Hakan for longer then a night, and he's just easier, but not Adeline.  So a combination of us being gone and then getting sick, she didn't sleep much.  My poor mom was also sick, so not a very good time for us to be gone, but they did still have a good time with g'ma and g'pa.

I was so excited to get home and hug and kiss my babies...when I got there, Adeline didn't even want to come to me:(  She was still sick and had spent the whole time on my mom's lap...she was probably mad at me for leaving too.  Hakan was excited!  

Back to reality...
My poor sick baby.
The day I left, Derek got free tickets to a Heat game...I was a little jealous and made him take a picture, nice seats huh:)

It's been chilly being back in MN, and sad being stuck inside, but it's supposed to start warming up, praise God!!  Can't wait to get outside and play!

P.S. Google reader is going away this summer, so you can follow me here on Bloglovin.  I love reading all the blogs I follow here, it's clean and simple, and there's an app:)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting Out

Getting out of the house in the winter is a must for us.  No matter how cold, we just need a change of scenery, so we don't go crazy.

We go to the MN Zoo a lot.  They have quite a bit of indoor animals and we're members, so even if we only go for an hour, it's ok.


Once a year, President's Day weekend, they bring in a TON of super soft sand for an indoor sand box, and lucky for us they extended it a few days.  Just a little taste of summer...

We had a little friend's birthday, so we made her a doll carrier...Hakan makes a great model:)

There's Rapunzel, the birthday girl, in the purple and miss Adeline wearing the doll carrier...she didn't want to give it away:)

This is Hakan's "girl" friend, who's moving away soon.  He has been talking about her for the last week, nonstop, he'll miss her.

We are also members of the MN History Society, which can get us into some pretty awesome museums. Last Saturday, before Derek was going out of town for 10 days, we went to the History Museum.  I LOVE history, so fascinating!  They actually have a lot of interactive exhibits for kids...and adults:) 

 We had to get a picture with Paul Bunyan and Babe.

We're really trying to think spring around here and planted some herbs.  Hakan is loving watching them grow.

Some friends are going to France for almost a month, and their little one just turned one, so I made some shirts for his birthday for the trip, a little jealous:)

  Derek is in Miami for his yearly 10 day trip for a client, this year however, my wonderful mom is coming to watch the kids and I'm going down on Thursday until Tuesday.  I think I'm most excited to have some time with Derek, even though he'll be working a lot.  I'm excited to just be his wife and love on him:)  Ten days is a long time, especially with two kids, so this  trip will be amazing.  I'll miss them dearly of course, but mama and daddy need some time together:)

So, I'll probably blog next when I'm in Florida, sitting in the sun, not freezing on the couch while 6 feet of snow is falling outside, so excited!