Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Runny Nose

This is Adeline getting her nose wiped.



You can imagine how this sounds, totally not worth it...so she ends up with snot running down her face and is perfectly content with it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

I had a great and full weekend.

Der's mom and brother came on Friday and she graciously watch our babies while we stayed in a hotel.  Crummy hotel, but a wonderful time for us to reconnect...and a little HGTV since we don't have cable:)

We had such a good talk, it just really brought us back to the closeness and passion that we had when we first started dating 11 years ago, we need that every once in a while:)

We stopped at Izzy's for some cinnamon and graham cracker ice cream, oh man, so good!

On Saturday, we went car shopping, dun dun dun.  Not something I wanted to be doing, but it had to be done and luckily we had Der's mom:)  We ended up finding a car we liked for a good price and went back on Monday to pick it up.

Then on Sunday, it was my 28th birthday, woah, getting closer and closer to the big 3-0!

Even more special was Adeline's dedication at Southland City Church.  I LOVE dedicating our babies to God, it's such a special event.  Both our kids did fabulous...besides Adeline spitting up right when we got on stage:)  (We have church in a middle school, hence the school play props in the background)

My wonderful mother-in-law:)

My sister was in town with a friend so she was able to come which made it even more special.  

Then we went to our favorite restaurant, Teresa's, yummy yummy mexican food.

And then went home to eat the absolutely awesome s'mores cake Der made me, seriously the best cake I've ever eaten.  Best. Husband. Ever!

I accidentally blew the candle out by laughing and then snorting:)

I took a birthday nap in the afternoon, so needed, and then Hakan and I went outside to play.

He looks like such a little boy and not a toddler anymore:(

It was such a fantastic weekend!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes from family and friends, you mean the absolute world to me, I feel so blessed!

Have a great Tuesday:)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adeline's (and family) Six Month Pics

We had Adeline's six month pics taken by the lovely and talented Suzy Wigstadt (thank you!) at Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, beautiful pictures and a gorgeous museum.

Hakan was ok with taking pictures for the first 2.5 seconds we were there, so if you wonder why he's missing in some, he's off getting into trouble.  Also, his mouth is sideways and tongue is out in 99% of the pictures...not sure where he gets that from...

I'm not really good at just picking a few, because I love them all, so get ready for some pictures:)

I love my boys!

I'm not going lie, I think my husband is very sexy:)

Again, I don't think there's anything more sexy then seeing Derek as an awesome daddy.

Yep, this is what Adeline does best and it was caught on camera, lovely.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Playful Puma

So this is kind of a random post.

First, we were at the zoo last week and Hakan sat down on the window by the Pumas, and one of them was just walking by and all of a sudden was swiping at Hakan's head...well the tassles on his hat anyway.  But for two seconds my heart stopped with the thought of a large cat attacking my baby...once I got my heart back into my chest, we tried to get him to do it again, of course he wouldn't, but I just happen to get a picture the first time it happened, yay!!

Please tell me I'm not the only one who's heart just kind of skips a beat looking at this?!  And I'm a cat person, ha!

Second, I saw Adeline trying to get one of the toy bins out and the next thing I know she's pulled herself up on it!  Our babies do things too early, get teeth, roll over, crawl, stand, walk...it might have been okay with Hakan, but now I know just how fast it actually goes and I just want time to stop.  She's only seven months, sigh.  I'm proud of her of course, but I just wish there was a pause button in life...and sometimes a fast forward button for the melt down parts:)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Heart Day

Der and I actually went out the day before Valentine's Day.  He won free tickets for a year to all the concerts sponsored by the local Christian radio station, KTIS...pretty awesome:)  (He's always been lucky like that).  So we had tickets to see a comedian, Jeff Allen, and it was hilarious.  He also has a great testimony.  We had a really great time despite it snowing and freezing and taking a super long time to get there...it barely snows all winter...geesh.

Then is was Valentine's Day, I hope you all had a great day:)  Totally meant to have these painted...oh well, we painted them yesterday.

I got these pajama pants from my mom for V-day a long long time ago in high school...I LOVE them and still wear them.  I just discovered them last summer again in a box...so they're in good shape:)

Hakan went to daycare and Adeline and I hung out all day.  It's the one day Hakan goes and I can usually get more done...usually, sometimes I just don't want to do anything, but I did get some sewing done.

How adorable is she!?  I love when babies laugh!

I was actually on top of things and the kids made daddy a card last week.

I made one more little craft for the day.  Just a baby food jar, some glue, glitter and twine.

I also made a card for Der:)

Then I gave Der his present.

He has had the same pair of pajama shorts for probably eight years, he loves them...so you can imagine how worn out they are...and see through.  He's bought some to try and replace them, but they're either too thick of material or not roomy enough.  I decided to try and recreate them.  So I sewed my first pair of shorts...they're not perfect, but I think they turned out pretty good.  They have a draw string, pockets and I even monogrammed on them:)

I'm sure he's gonna love seeing his super duper thin shorts on here, ha!

Yep folks, that's the butt...totally see through.

Here are the shorts I made.

 When he opened them, he thought I had bought them, I'll take that as a compliment:)

I hope everyone had a lovely day!