Monday, October 6, 2008

A Great Weekend with Friends

We had a fun weekend. Well, at first we just cleaned our carpets and house, not so much fun, but then we went with some friends to Sever's Corn Maze. Derek and I have gone every year since we moved here, which is only 2 years, now 3, and always have an awesome time. The first year we went, it was so cold we had to wear our winter coats and scarves. The second year we went, it was about 95 degrees, way to hot for a corn maze. This year was pretty much perfect, 70 degrees, sun shining, good polka music playing in the background. We started by going into the pit of corn kernels, the coolest thing I have ever done, then we saw some adorable animals at the petting zoo, watched some crazy pig races, ate a gyro (and spilled down my shirt), then we played boys verses girls in the corn maze. You have to search for all the letters in the alphabet throughout the maze and only 6 of them are the ones you need. The girls won of course, ha! The maze this year was of the white house and election 2008 with Obama and McCain.

Then we all went over to Andrew and Rachel's house for a delicious meal of burgers, green beans and mashed potatoes, mmmmm. We played a game of corn hole, which Derek and I won, sorry Jackie. Then just chilled and watched some Wisconsin sports.

It was a fun filled weekend, we are very blessed with the friends we have met since moving here.

Fun Times

Well, we finally got to pick up our new couch and ottoman last week. We just used the church van and trailer, it was quite an adventure. We started driving away from the church and I decided it might be a good idea to check and see if it's locked, so Derek stopped the van, I got out and the trailer was full of tables, so we turned around and unloaded all the tables and we were off again. Once we get to the furniture pick up place, we realize that is impossible to back up the van and trailer the way you want it to...we ended up just driving sideways to the door:) We had never had to do that. So we get to our house and try to get the sofa sleeper out of the trailer and realize that it is EXTREMELY heavy! Now, I'm pretty strong, but with my little hands and little arms, I can't get a good hold on it. After finally sliding it onto the grass, we were stuck. I tried calling some friends but everyone was gone or working, hmmm, then we decide to put it on a piece of cardboard and slide it to the front door. Okay, now we just have to get it over the little step and onto the large flight of stairs. Finally we have it angled up the stairs, so I put it on my back and Derek is on top pulling, and after an hour of getting it off the trailer, we got it into our living room, thank God! Pretty sure we'll never be moving it again...maybe we'll sell it with the house...maybe not though, I love it! It's so roomy and fun to sit on, yah!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Little Piece of Heaven...

I am stoked!! After almost 5 years of owning our beautiful garage sale set of furniture, we have officially purchased a new couch with an otoman. What's funny is I actually feel bad for the furniture we have to get rid of. We had some good times, endless naps, date nights watching romantic comedies...Derek, me and the couch that is. It's been with us in Moorhead, Fargo, Bloomington and Apple Valley and now to a family in Anoka. We decided to put it on Craig's List just to see if it would sell and we had about 8 responses within the first couple days, I will be putting more stuff on there.

Here's the only downside, our couch does not come in until Oct. 1st and the lady is coming to pick up our furniture on Sept. 16. We will be without a couch to sit on for a couple weeks. Luckily however, Derek's family is coming this weekend, so we will have it for when they are here. Then we will be heading to J-town for a wedding on Sept. 23, so really it won't be too bad. We have a recliner already that belonged to my beloved grandpa and a chair that I just attempted to recover...let's just say I will never make it on Project Runway or Design Star, but it looks deece none the less.

I would just like to say thank you to our wonderful furniture that has been so faithful to us for our first 3 years of marriage, you never let us down. We will forever miss the random black and white leafy flowery design with black wood and gold trim.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Very Sad Day

A very good, best friend of mine is officially driving back to AZ after graduating from NCU. Last night was hard. I started working at church last October and Ashley was an intern, without her help I might have sank! She helped me with everything and I want to thank her for not only helping me at work, but for being a truly fabulous friend. I know that God has the perfect plan for her, ie, finding a husband, landing the perfect job, dream vacations around the world, and some beautiful kiddies!:) It just stinks that she has to go back to AZ to accomplish all of this...I will miss her dearly! Just know Ashley, I will never make you eat a dead baby chicken egg ever again...unless it involves an extreme amount of STL money! I bawled all the way home from church last night, driving by myself, tear and snot everywhere, just thinking of how much fun we had in the little time that we became friends. Remember when I fell on your foot and broke it...or you just lied and said that it was broken! I love you and miss you already, the Paradigm office will never be the same!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God's Pottery

We went with Andrew and Rachel last night to God's Pottery, two Christian guys who do comedy, at the Acme Comedy Club. It was absolutely hilarious!! We had a great time! We should definitely go to more comedy shows, it's just that some comedians can get so dirty with their jokes. Anyway, I'll be keeping my eye out for more funny people. They are there all week, check them out.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I remember my first year in college we were required to blog for class and I thought it was a little weird. Now I'm thinking, no one writes anymore. Sure there are emails, but what about letters and cards. I LOVE getting things in the mail!

Anyway, I thought setting up a blog would help people stay informed on what's going on in the amazing life of Lacy and Derek.

We recently spent a week at the lake with my family, fun times! It was the most perfect 9 days we have ever spent at the lake! Only 1 rainy day and 4 days of mirror-like water, which means that you don't have to sit and paddle frantically away from the shore, dock or boat. We spent a lot of time on the water tubing, skiing and I tried knee boarding...not my thing folks. I just couldn't get my knees strapped in when I got up, it was ugly.

My sister then came home with Derek and I and spent all last week with us. It's too bad we both had to work, she did wash dishes for us while at home, very awesome! She also came to work with me and horrible me, I put her to work:) We saw Dark Knight while she was here, very thrilling! Then my mom and Darold came to pick her up...which is code for, we're coming to shop. So we went shopping, saw the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, pretty good, and everyone went home on Sunday morning. Love you guys!!

Derek won tickets to a concert at the Varsity Theatre for Sunday night, 4 artists performed: Meiko, Jay Nash, Joe Purdy and Chris Seefried. In all honesty, we had no idea who they were, but really enjoyed all of them. They are all considered folk singers. We had never been to the theatre either, which has a fantastic atmosphere, rugs, drapes, dark leather chairs everywhere, really sweet.

Tonight we are going to see God's Pottery. These 2 guys were on Last Comic Standing and were pretty hilarious! I'm very excited. It kind of seems like we actually have exciting lives, but this has just been a busy month. We are also sleep deprived from watching the Olympics, which have been phenomenal! However, I'm a little peeved about some of the judging for the 12 year old gymnasts...seems a little questionable to me.

So, here's my first blog, hope you enjoyed it, it probably won't normally be this long.