Monday, July 13, 2009

At the Dr.

At my appt. today, my blood pressure was great! I got asked twice if I was on bed rest because it was so good. I'm for sure not on bed rest, nor am I cutting back on my usual activities, so I'm really glad to hear it's good. However, it seems that at my later in the week appts. my blood pressure is a little high...I think it has to do with stress from work maybe. So we'll see what it is at my Thursday appt. I also have not progressed any further than last week, which is a little disheartening, but also doesn't really mean much either. I could still go any time. Yah for no blood taken today! He's just a very happy camper in there.

6 Days Until D-day!

So nothing happened last night unfortunately. Not that I want it to happen at night, because I really don't. I'm not usually in a very good mood when I wake up at night, so I don't think I'll be on top of my game if I should go into labor at night. My mom called today to make sure nothing was happening so she could schedule some patients for tomorrow. I'm not sure why she took off this week, except she really thought I was going to go early, which I still could. I have an appt. today at 4, so we'll see if anything is happening. They mainly want to keep an eye on my blood pressure, so I hope that everything is good there. Anyway, tha'ts my update for this morning.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We're Ready

I am now 39 weeks pregant, 80% effaced, 2 cm dialated, 7 days left...or less hopefully. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Within the last couple of days Derek and I have gotten done with a lot of stuff on our to do lists, which feels really good. A lot of weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, there was a ton to do in a tiny townhouse to get ready, but I think we're finally ready. I'm hoping the little guy knows this as well and chooses to come this week. Derek and I made curtains for the baby's room, I think we did a pretty good job for never making curtains before. I also made a matching pillow for the rocking chair some friends gave us. The carseat is in the car and hooked up. I have my bag packed along with the baby's and a list of the rest of the stuff we need to grab when we leave. Anyone have any ideas on key items we should bring to the hospital?

I'm feeling really well surprisingly. I've heard such horrible stories of people being so uncomfortable in the last couple weeks of pregnancy. I've been really blessed this whole time. I never really got morning sickness, unless I got really hungry. I only got heartburn for a couple weeks and haven't had it for a long time. He's not really squishing up against my lungs so I can breath fine. My ankles and feet have gotten a little swollen, but not terrible and it's only on some days and Derek is more than willing to rub them:). My back hasn't really been bothering me. And since the beginning I didn't think my belly button was going to pop because I have a super inny belly button and so far it hasn't, which seems like a silly thing to be happy about, but for some reason it makes me happy. However, it's been a little bit more difficult sleeping at night. I probably wake up about 8 times or more, at least 4 times to pee and then like a hot dog I have to keep rotating myself from one hip to the other because it gets sore. It's getting a little harder to walk, my hip flexers are getting pretty sore, but not bad. In the last week I've also been getting pretty hot. I've only had one little breakdown recently and it was at the doctor's office. I had to go twice last week because my blood pressure was a little high. I went Monday and Thursday, they took blood on Monday and then on Thursday after waiting for 45 minutes in an extremely hot office, my doctor wanted to take blood again, I told her I had just gotten blood taken on Monday, and she was like oh really, it looks like they didn't do the labs on it...that's when I got teary eyed. I think the waiting is just getting to me and the fact that I don't like blood getting taken.

It's kind of funny, because we're just waiting around for our lives to get flipped upside down. Everyday I go to bed wondering if it's going to happen tonight and wake up in the morning wondering if today is going to be the day. Everything we do, I think to myself, we are never going to be doing this the same way ever again, waking up in the morning, taking a shower, getting ready, cooking, cleaning, etc...everything is just going to have to be tweaked with a baby.

We are so excited to meet this little guy after 10 months of carrying him, to see what he looks like, to hold him, touch his little hands and feet, give his adorable little face kisses, so excited! It's going to be really weird not being pregnant anymore after so long. I'm not going to lie, I'm very much looking forward to maybe fitting in some of my old clothes eventually:)

I got more phone calls this weekend wondering if I had gone into labor. Come on people, you will know when it happens! And going to church today, I get the, "still in there, huh" It's a little frustrating, but I know they are all as excited as we are. It's a relief and a blessing knowing we have so many caring family and friends surrounding us. We will let everyone know when it's happening:)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing Catch Up

It's been a while since my last post...I need to work on that. A lot has been going on lately and time is too quickly flying by. I had my first shower at the end of April for my ND familly and friends, my sister Alyssa put it on and did a fabulous job! She had tons of delicious food, fun games (I just happened to be really good at the games and she told me to stop winning so it didn't look like she had rigged them, I can't help it if I know my baby animals), and she had it decorated very cute! It was awesome! We even played the candy bar in the diaper game...really gross. We got some pretty sweet gifts for the little guy, thanks everyone!

All of the gifts are sitting in our guest room in piles because we're waiting on my mom to pick up the bed that's in there in June. I can't wait to decorate it and put the crib up.

Derek is officially done with tax season and starting in June will be going back to 1/2 day Fridays. It has been great having him home earlier and on Saturdays, we're getting more stuff done...but still have a ton to do. We did get the garage cleaned out which was a huge task off of our to do list and found a bunch of stuff to sell at our garage sale we are having with Kirk and Chrystine. I'm actually sitting at it right now and not having any luck. Yesterday I worked while Chrystine ran it and I made about $90, today...nothing. Looks like Thursdays are the big day to go garage saling. Everything we don't sell is going to good will, we don't have any room to take it back to the house.

I'm 30 weeks right now and I'm feeling good still, minus some rib and pelvic pain. I'm going to the dr. every 2 weeks now and soon it will be every week...crazy. The dr. said the head was down, which would explain the excesive kicking going on around my ribs. It's crazy to think that he's in there moving his arms and legs, blinking, swallowing, and everything and soon will be out in this world, amazing. We do have a name picked out, but we're not going to tell anyone until he's born, one surprise for everyone to have. It's driving my sisters crazy though not knowing what it is.

Last weekend, we wen to Alexandria and stayed at the Arrowwood Resort for my cousin's wedding. My family was all there, Derek and I slept in a room with Alyssa and Sammy, and my mom, Darold and Darold's mom stayed in the joined room. We had a good time except the wedding was outside and it was 44 degrees and sprinkling, plus no one told us it was outside so we didn't really come prepared, thanks mom. We were asked to video tape, and so we were getting our camera out and ready, but it was saying the lens cap was on and it wasn't, which it did when we first got it and had to send it in to get fixed, but it was under warranty then. Now we'll just have to get a new camera, so frustrating. There was a fun reception and dance afterward, inside luckily.

I'm speaking on Sunday at the big Mpact Celebration, which is really freaking me out. I don't do very well speaking in front of people. It's different when it's just my 5th grade girls, but this is their parents and relatives and pastors. I get extremely nervous. Hopefully I remember everything I want to say and it makes sense when I say it. I've also been running out of air quicker because of the little guy pushing up against my lungs, so hopefully I can breath too:)

My friends Chrystine and Sara are having a baby shower here in MN on June 6. I'm really excited for it! It's going to be oustide, so hopefully not like the wedding we just went to.

I think that's it for right now, it's getting windier and cooler and it's supposed to rain, plus we have no customers so I think we'll be closing up shop pretty quick here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a Boy!

We had our first ultrasound on Friday and we are having a baby boy. Everything looks good and is right on average with where it should be. The technician was having a difficult time getting all the measurements because he was moving all over the place...looks like were in for a ride. Before you go to your appt. they tell you to drink a full glass of water about an hour before, so I did just that, and when I got on the table, and got the warm goo squeezed all over my stomach, she was like "holy cow, your bladder is too full, it's cornering the baby" I did have to go to the bathroom pretty bad, but that's normal these days. I didn't know that I pin him in a corner every time I have to pee, now I feel bad when I have to wait to go. They gave us the 4D pictures of his little face, it's amazing that you can see everything! I think he has Derek's nose, which is perfect because I love Derek's nose:) I can't believe I'm 22 weeks already, we really need to stop procrastinating and get some stuff done.

Last night was a little scary. All afternoon yesterday I was feeling uncomfortable, which I just thought was normal. Then I got home after work, took a nap and when I woke up, it was so painful to even slouch a little bit and breath, all I could do was lay on my side as straight as I could. I didn't know what to do, what's normal, what's not? Even if I went to Urgent care, they wouldn't have my files. So I called a friend and she said it was probably from the baby growing and stretching my muscles in my abdomen. I decided to wait it out and call the nurse in the morning, she said to just keep an eye on it. I felt a little better today, I was still pretty sore, but there wasn't a shooting pain like last night. I have the greatest husband on earth! He is so caring, loving and comforting. He made me supper last night, which he does quite often anyway, but usually I'm in helping. He's just so sweet! I love him so much!

Friday, February 27, 2009

A Quarter of a Century Old

It's official, I'm 25 years old and just had my last birthday as just a wife. It's funny how simple and uneventful your birthdays get as you get older. All the way up through high school, I would have parties which included, lots of food, lots of pop, lots of friends, sleepovers and tons of Sally videos. I have some awesome memories from those...and some great blackmail videos:) However, now I'm married to my best friend, and get to spend every birthday with my wonderful husband, which is awesome! Every year, Derek makes me a cake from scratch, the last two years has been a red velvet cake, soooooo delicious! He treats me so well and knows just how to love me. This year I got so many phone calls and messages, it's great to know that I have so many wonderful friends and family. Thank you!

On another note, I'm pretty sure I felt the baby moving today. It's crazy how fast this pregnancy is going. Pretty soon it will be July and we will be parents, wow.

I'm not looking forward to Sunday, Derek will be in Florida for 10 days for a Best Buddies audit. I really don't like being away from him for that long, especially with all these extra emotions running through me. I will miss him so much! I am looking forward to next weekend, I have 3 of my best girlfriends coming to visit, Jenni, Missy and Kristy. The plan is to paint and do some organizing...but we'll see how much of that is actually done, which I'm okay with not getting anything done. At least I won't be alone for the whole time Derek is away.

Okay, yesterday, when I got home from work, we got to leave early and it took me an hour to get home, it took me 7 times of backing in and out of our driveway to actually get in the driveway and then I couldn't get in the garage, I had to get out and shovel a path for my tires, and finally got in the garage. We got so much snow!!! Then I had a coupon for a free cold stone ice cream that expired last night, so we had to go out in the mess, can't waste free ice cream, and couldn't get Derek's car back in his spot when we got back, what a night! Got to love Minnesota weather:) I do love snow though, maybe just not driving in it with bad tires is all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

To be or not to be...

Almost everyone at church got the flu last week, it was crazy! All the pastors and their spouses went to a retreat, and then one by one started dropping like flies with the flu. I wouldn't let Andrew and Jeremy near me...I wasn't about to get the flu while being pregnant. I thought I had lucked out, but then a couple days ago I started sneezing, getting a runny/stuffed nose, pounding sinus headaches...which are all symptoms of a sinus infection for me. So right now I'm miserable. I called the nurse at the hospital to see what I can take and she told me everything I already was doing, resting, fluids (enough to have to pee every 30 minutes), saline spray...I was like, give me something else! She said I could take tylenol sinus, which helps a little. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I didn't get the flu, but my entire face is pounding. I'll get over it.

On another note, I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant! I haven't felt the baby move yet, but they said between 16-20 weeks, so I could still have a couple weeks. I'm so excited! I can definitely feel it pushing down on my bladder when I sit and do other things. Is it bad that the only thing we have for the baby right now is shampoo, body wash and lotion? I guess we're just waiting to find out what it is, which I am very excited for!

I'm very excited to have Monday off of work, yah for presidents! However, my lovely husband has to work, which really doesn't make it very fun. I'll probably just end up cleaning anyway, wooo!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Back...

It's been awhile since I last blogged, it was a hard November and December with my dad passing away. And then we found out we are expecting a baby in July, we're soooo excited. So there have been some ups and downs, but God is working in our lives and we are very blessed.

Derek is keeping busy with the dreaded 4 month tax season, working 12 or more hour days, working Saturdays, eww, but again, we feel very blessed during these hard times that he has a good job. He's actually doing audits instead of maybe we should call it audit season. He will be going to Florida March 1 for a Best Buddies audit for 10 days, which will be difficult to have him gone for that long. Missy, one of my awesome friends will be coming the weekend that he's gone to help get some things ready for the baby, painting, some organizing and of course girl time.

I've had 3 dr. appts so far and at the last two we heard the absolutely amazes me. I just can't believe there is a baby growing inside of me. I'm almost 16 weeks, and right now it could actually be sucking its thumb! We can't get an ultrasound for another 6 weeks, which is going to be tough waiting. It would have been 5, but Derek is gone that week, and he definitely has to be there:) We have a lot to do before the baby comes and we're professional procrastinators, so we need to get on the ball.

Anyway, I just thought I would get started again. Be back soon!