Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eggs, Caramel Rolls and Family

We went to ND for Easter for the first time in 5 years.  Normally it's during tax season, Derek is working Saturdays and he's not allowed to take time off, so it would be too short of a trip to be worth it.

We had a great time with family.  Both our families live in Jamestown, 3 blocks apart, which can be good and bad.  Awesome that we can see both of them in one trip, hard running back and forth the whole time.

We got to meet and snuggle with my good friend, Missy's beautiful baby girl Gabby.  I just forget how small they are even at six weeks.  Missy also got to experience our energetic, toy throwing 21 month old...something to look forward to:)

We took a back road and Hakan giggled the whole time from the bumps.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt couldn't be at the park because of how wet and cold it was, so it was at the Civic Center, on the cement floor, very Eastery:)

First sucker, he liked it:)

 Derek's mom boiled a ton of eggs to color.  Hakan had a blast.

He actually bit an egg...not sure what he was doing, ha!

He was playing them like a piano, so funny.

We went out to my step dad's farm to see the baby llama and baby lamb.  It was pretty funny watching my mom and step dad wrangle both of them.  So cute!
My little playhouse from when I was little.  I got this picture right as he was throwing open the shutters, perfect!

It was a fun filled weekend with lots of family and delicious food...especially caramel rolls, with which I had one too many.  Our little trooper was all tuckered out on the way home.

Belly Pic

30 weeks and 3 days
I'm not big on the belly pics.  I think we only took two when I was pregnant with Hakan...this is the first one with this pregnancy.  But here it is:)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

30 Weeks and Counting

I can't believe I am already 30 weeks into this pregnancy!  Time has flown could have something to do with having a toddler and work to keep my mind so preoccupied and busy:)

It's been pretty good so far.  I've only gained 13 lbs, 2 of which were in the last two weeks...I blame it on Easter weekend with our families, too many delicious caramel rolls and other wonderful foods.  My goal is to not really gain anymore, I'm not a small girl to begin with, so I don't really need to gain anything:)  If it would just get nice out already, Hakan and I would be walking to the park everyday, getting some much needed exercise.

Our little girl moves a ton!  I'm praying she just moves in her sleep a lot and is not actually awake 24/7, we shall see.  

I'm so thankful I haven't had any problems, just a smidge uncomfortable at night sometimes. 

Her potential birthday is scheduled for June 28...unless she decides to come early, unlike her brother who was a week and a half over due and still didn't want to come out.  Thus the c-section and why I have to have one with her as well, something I've gone back and forth on, but many practices will not do a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section), there are risks both ways.  I've completely given it over to God, He will take care of both the baby and I no matter what happens.
Really weird to know what day she'll be delivered though. 

That only gives us about 8 more weeks to get a few things done, one of them being, a name.  We've got nothing, lots of suggestions, but nothing we're totally sold on.  We do have boy names, so if by chance both the technicians were wrong, it's all good:)  We'll find the perfect name, we have time.

I'll post a belly pic soon, I just keep forgetting to take one.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Sleep used to be one of my favorite things to hasn't been the same since Hakan was born.

I don't even like going to bed at night, because I know I'm sleeping on egg shells, waiting for Hakan to wake up.  More often than not he does, sometimes he doesn't.  I thought maybe as he got closer to 2 he would sleep better...still hoping.  At least right now the reason is probably because of his 2yr molars that are coming in, but most of the time we have no idea what's wrong.
It doesn't help that I usually have to get up and go to the bathroom 2-3 times during the night being pregnant.  Then when I do get up, it's really difficult to fall back asleep, so I lay there and lay there, feeling our little girl kick and move, keeping me company:).

I'm actually a little fearful of when our baby girl comes, I won't get any sleep at all at night...Hakan will wake up and then the baby will wake up or vice versa, so I'll be up all night.  I know Derek will help, but I'll still be awake, able to hear everything (small house).

This is just one of the many things of parenthood that I'm trying to get used to.  I know there will be a day that I will be able to sleep again...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Carrot, Apple, Coconut Muffins

Making Hakan's babyfood was actually pretty simple, I just pureed a bunch of fruits and veggies and he ate them.  I was able to feed him 100% organic until a little after he turned 1, it's so expensive, now it's only about 1/2 organic since he's eating what we eat now.  

He's a really good eater, we've always tried to give him new things, even if he doesn't like them, we try, try try again.  I read it can take up to 15 times for a toddler to get used to a new food/taste, so we don't give up.

I'm always looking for new recipes to make that are healthy, but still wonderfully delicious.  I recently found a new blog, Weelicious, that has a ton of toddler friendly foods, there's so many good things!
Such a happy little helper:)
This morning, Hakan and I made these Carrot, Apple, Coconut Muffins.  I know a few people who wouldn't even look at these with "carrot" in the title, but they are so delicious!  There isn't any refined sugar in them, and lots of fruit and veggies. 

Hakan's already had three, he loves them:)  I substituted spelt flour instead of wheat flour, he's somewhat allergic to wheat.
 I can't wait to try some more recipes!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hakan the Helper

Hakan has always loved to help us.  He helps take dishes out of the dishwasher and puts them "away."

When we come home from the store, we can't do anything until everything is taken out of the bags and put on the counter:) 

He loves to help with putting the laundry in the washer and dryer.

When daddy gets home from work, he has to take whatever daddy has and put it on the table and wants to hang up his coat.

If he's in the mood, he'll help put his toys and books away, but that sometimes takes some persuading.  Apparently not as fun as helping with other things:)

No Green Thumb

For the last 4 years, I have tried to grow a few veggies and herbs in pots.  For 4 years, I've pretty much failed.  I would LOVE to have a garden in my backyard, but we live in a townhouse, so all I have to work with is containers.  It's tricky getting food to grow in a container.  I can almost always get them to start growing...but they either get too crowded and die, bugs, or sun kills them.  

However, I'm trying again this year.  I planted tomatoes, peppers, beans and peas.  I learn something new every year about how to possibly help them to grow better, maybe this is my year to produce more than just a couple tomatoes and beans. 
 Here are my fast growing beans

It's a good thing I didn't plant outside though, since we're getting snow in the middle of April...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Just Another Day at the Zoo...

...with baby farm animals!

It was the first day of baby farm animals at the zoo.  Kids (goats), piglets, ducklings, chicks, calves, bunnies, lots of babies:)
I couldn't get Hakan away from the goats, he loved them!  I let him feed them some of the pellet food they have and he just laughed the whole time...then tried stealing some from some other kids when he ran out, we need to work on that. 

These draft horses are huge, but next to Hakan they looked ginormous!  He tried nibbling on Hakan's hand.

Two-week old baby goat, so cute:)

I just love him!