Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm Back...

It's been awhile since I last blogged, it was a hard November and December with my dad passing away. And then we found out we are expecting a baby in July, we're soooo excited. So there have been some ups and downs, but God is working in our lives and we are very blessed.

Derek is keeping busy with the dreaded 4 month tax season, working 12 or more hour days, working Saturdays, eww, but again, we feel very blessed during these hard times that he has a good job. He's actually doing audits instead of maybe we should call it audit season. He will be going to Florida March 1 for a Best Buddies audit for 10 days, which will be difficult to have him gone for that long. Missy, one of my awesome friends will be coming the weekend that he's gone to help get some things ready for the baby, painting, some organizing and of course girl time.

I've had 3 dr. appts so far and at the last two we heard the absolutely amazes me. I just can't believe there is a baby growing inside of me. I'm almost 16 weeks, and right now it could actually be sucking its thumb! We can't get an ultrasound for another 6 weeks, which is going to be tough waiting. It would have been 5, but Derek is gone that week, and he definitely has to be there:) We have a lot to do before the baby comes and we're professional procrastinators, so we need to get on the ball.

Anyway, I just thought I would get started again. Be back soon!