Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Our trip to ND was a busy one as usual.  On our way there all the MN rest stops were closed due to the gov't shut down, so we had to find a park in a town so Hakan could get out and Adeline could nurse...we found a very small park, but it worked:)

Our next stop was my G'ma Jenny's, who lives in West Fargo.  Her house is a toddlers dream, lots of pretty, sparkly breakables...a parents worst nightmare.  He managed not yo break anything this time.

G'ma J holding Adeline for the first time.
Just a little shot of some of the breakables, the glass table next to Hakan has large sharp chips in it...

One of our favorite things to do while we're back in Jamestown is go to the pool.  It's so cheap compared to  here!!  Der and I both used to work there...he was a sexy, tan lifeguard and I was a cashier, ha!  We were dating before I worked there though, a nice perk:) 

This was also where I spent most my summers growing up...not for "fun" swimming, I was part of a team almost year round and this is where we swam super early every morning in the summer.  I get goosebumps just thinking about how cold the water was that early.  So many great memories:)

It was just us four that went, so nice and relaxing.

Miss Adeline did not like the water much.

Yep, I bought A a suit.  Just too cute to resist!
Der's mom holding baby A.
My G'ma Mae
My G'pa Don.
Some great high school friends, so good to see them!!

This is my best friend growing up...so many stories and memories:)

If you haven't read about Hakan's birthday party, you can read it here.

It was a great weekend seeing family and friends and of course seeing my family's llamas at the fair...I may or may not have shown llamas at the fair growing up:)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Six Years!

These were taken after the ceremony when everyone had already left, we were taking a much needed break before cake and dancing:)

I have been married to the love of my life for 6 years today!  We've been together for over 10, a decade, since High School...I'm feeling a wee bit old:)  I love this man more than anything!  He has made me a better person and led me to the Lord, which I will always be eternally grateful.  

By no means are we a perfect couple.  We still have our moments, but I feel like we're learning something new everyday about being married, and now being parents as well.

I love sharing the adventure of life with him by my side.  We balance each other out, me with my crazy worrying and chilling at home and him with his calmness and getting outside.  There are many other differences, but we won't get into them:)

I can't wait to see what God has planned for our future years together! 

Love ya babe!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

All Star!

Hakan turns two on July 28, but since we were back in ND, we had his party so our families could come.  

A friend of my mom's graciously let us use her very spacious garage.  We set up a ton of fans, the heat index was in the hundreds and it stayed pretty nice in there.

He LOVES baseball, so we went with that as the theme.  It was a home run:)!

His baseball card invitation (just ignore my lovely thumb).
We had some red vine licorice, goodie bags for the kids, chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow frosting from scratch (Derek did such a great job decorating them!), and of course Babe Ruth bars:)  In Jamestown, they didn't have any sports balloons of any kind, so since Hakan loves Elmo too, we got Elmo.
His little "2" shirt I made.
So silly!
Vanilla baseball cake, delicious recipe!  It took a while to frost, but totally worth it for Hakan!
Hakan loved blowing out the candle so much, we lit it a couple times for him.  He also thought the cake was yummy:)
This is the marshmallow frosting from the chocolate cupcakes...something else yummy.
I'm pretty sure his favorite gifts were the cards that made noise or sang a song, note to self for future presents:)
Getting some love from Great G'ma Mae and Great G'ma Proxie.
I want to thank everyone for their help in making this a special birthday for Hakan!!  

Hakan would like to thank everyone for his awesome birthday gifts...half of which are still in ND because we didn't have enough room in our small car:)  He can't get enough of his train set!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pure Joy

For you make me glad by your deeds, LORD; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.
Psalm 92:4 

We had a wonderful weekend back home in ND.  I have a few posts that will be coming about a few of the many things we did the short time we were there.

But this post is about one of my best friends.  We've known each other since 6th grade, so long ago.  I have some very incriminating videos from all my birthday parties:) 

She means the world to me.

She and her husband started trying  to have a baby a few years ago and ended up having two miscarriages.   As her friend and as a mom, my heart was breaking for them.  I didn't know what they were feeling or what to say, but only that God is in control and has a plan for their babies and them.  

I prayed for them...a lot. 

They stayed strong and looked to God for guidance and direction.  She had a procedure done and God answered all our prayers, and on March 15, 2011 they welcomed beautiful Gabby (Gabriella) into this world.

Seeing my friend, her husband and their baby this last weekend brings so much joy to my heart.  She's a wonderful mother to an adorable, smiley baby girl, watching her just made me smile from ear to ear, I love it!

I love that we can be mothers together.  We can share sweet moments and war stories:)  We can lean on one another for advice and wisdom.  We even nursed our babies together:)

It was so good seeing them, it made my whole weekend.

She's actually holding my baby Adeline, her hubby has little Gabby in the background:)  Look at her cute rolls and bow in her hair, I could just squeeze her and kiss her all day!

You are such a blessing, love ya Miss!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh My Strawberries

This is our second time this year going out to pick strawberries, we LOVE fresh produce and picking our own fresh produce is even better!  

The first time out, I forgot to put the memory card back in our camera, oops, but Hakan didn't really eat any strawberries and it was raining so pics would have been a little difficult anyway.  

Today, it must have clicked that he can actually eat the strawberries.  Derek would put one in his little crate and he would gobble it right up, stem and all.  His shirt progressively got worse and worse with strawberry juiciness:)  He ate a ton!  But you can't blame him, they are soooo delicious!

Notice the mostly clean shirt...

Look at all that juice:)

Bug's eye view:)

Do you see the one with a hole in it in the upper right corner...Hakan's finger.

I love these guys to pieces!

So hard getting a posed picture of Hakan now:(

Fell asleep in a matter of minutes...

both of them:)

Two really weird strawberries I picked, just thought they were picture worthy.
We LOVE our Saturdays!  

Happy Saturday:)