Saturday, April 13, 2013

We live in Narnia

I did it!  I found the wardrobe that leads out of this forever winter land of Narnia!  

It was so ginormous and beautiful, and if I had an extra $1,400 laying around, I would have snagged it right up!

Okay, maybe it didn't open up to another land...but a girl can dream of some warmer weather and no snow.  It was all melted around Easter, and we had some really nice days, then it started raining and snowing and we had thundersnows, so weird.

I bet this guy was super excited to be back in that little plow, he did get some waves and smiles from my excited kids.

Back to antiquing, there's a little antique shop that's only open once a month for four days, that includes a bunch of different vendors.  I've wanted to go for a while, but kept missing the days, so a friend and I finally went, it's one of my favorite things to do, I love old things!  If you're in the area, it's still open today and tomorrow, and they restock every day.

When we have money (ha!), and a bigger place someday, I would adore an old hutch, this one had nooks and crannies everywhere, it was amazing!


It takes a lot of self control to not purchase half the shop, but I walked away with a fun wire basket, that I might hang on the wall as a shelf, an adorable wire bird that would be perfect for collecting eggs from our chickens that we will one day own (dreaming), a letter "a" for Adeline, and a heavy duty rolling pin, that I paid $7 for, I think is worth between $20-$45, from looking online.  My friend scored a pretty sweet bench for their back door.

On April 18-20, is the BIGGEST and most AWESOME antique/vintage/junk event ever, Junk Bonanza!!  I've gone the past two years, and now they have it twice a year, yippee!  It's three days, because you literally need three days to see everything.  Seriously, go for a day, it's amazing!

At least there are a few people who still get excited about snow in April...

Monday, April 8, 2013

the other day with the otters

 A couple months ago, The Minnesota Zoo had a picture on it's facebook page, of an otter and wanted people to caption it for a chance to win two sea otter encounters.  I gave it a shot, which I thought would not win, and I won (I'm sure you can find it on their facebook page somewhere;)!  If you know me, you know I LOVE animals, like I'm really allergic to pretty much anything with fur, but won't hesitate for a second to pet, kiss and hug animals:)  

When I was little, I tried giving a puppy a kiss and it bit me on my nose, still have a little scar.  I saved some baby ducks from railroad tracks, I tried saving some baby mice, but my mom wouldn't let me take them home.  I've bottle fed llamas and lambs.  I would collect salamanders and toads, and grew up with cats, dogs, bunnies, and horses.  My dream job would be working with mammals in a zoo...I couldn't even get a volunteer position at the Fargo zoo, dreams crushed.  So when I won this, it's probably one of the coolest and most awesome things ever, and I freaked out! Luckily, Derek finds this obsession endearing...I think.  But he does like to make fun of me a little bit.

Yesterday was the day!  I was so giddy with excitement, like a small child!  They have three sea otters at the MN zoo, Capers, Jasper and Rocky.  We had the privilege to hang out with adorable, big eared, big nostriled, furry otter, Jasper.  We learned about him, toured the kitchen, got to take a picture with him, watch him play and eat, and we even got to feed him!!

Jasper honks...seriously the most adorable thing ever!  It was really great, and I'm so so thankful for the experience and opportunity.

The otters have some really great trainers, awesome to get to know them a little.



Capers even came to say hi to us, also adorable:)

Stop by sometime and say hi to them, and the rest of the animals at the zoo, it's one of my favorite places to go, at least now I have kids and can use them as an excuse:)  

Thank you MN Zoo!!!!  Dream come true:)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tagging along with daddy

 Derek has been traveling a lot for work, and we miss him so much when he's gone, so we tagged along on his last trip to Montevideo, MN.  We went with last year too, but it was so nice out, and they have the coolest park that we hung out at most of the time.  This year, it was cold, and in a small town with little to do indoors, we were in the hotel room a majority of the time.  We all had our moments being cooped up, but it was awesome to see Derek at night:)

I brought 3M hooks, a clothes line rope, a sheet and clothes pins to make a divider for when the kids are napping and going to bed.  It worked well, except Adeline didn't sleep very well and was able to climb out of the pack and play, and then climb into bed with us...we tried.

Hakan was pretty excited to watch The Mickey Mouse Club, we don't have cable or satellite, so definitely a treat!

Doing yoga with mama.

Hakan and Adeline's first official Happy Meal...they've eaten some food from there a couple times, but not a Happy Meal.  We don't eat out much, and when we do it's usually Chipotle:)  With the exception of staying in a hotel and having to eat out.  Eating out with two kids is a lot of work now and expensive, so we'll stick to staying at home.

We went swimming a few times at the hotel, but Adeline doesn't love swimming.

We're ready for daddy to be working least he'll be done working Saturdays in a few weeks.  Life of a C.P.A.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter Weekend

Derek's mama, brother and sister came for Easter.  We went to the zoo, and got to pet the softest, most adorable baby bunnies...Adeline was a bit tired and didn't really care that much.

It was so nice out, we dyed our eggs outside while daddy grilled.

I love putting together their Easter baskets, we try not to eat too much candy and they were getting some at the egg hunt at church, so just a few Yummy Earth suckers, so so yummy:), sandals, books, legos, paint, smoothie pouches, chop sticks and a bird house they can paint.

Hakan was super excited to get a new movie, How to Train Your Dragon, he loves it!

Our church had a egg hunt after service.  So adorable watching all the kids, most of them grabbed an egg and wanted to eat the candy inside, forget the rest of the eggs:)

(I made Adeline's dress and hooded cloak and Hakan's vest and tie)

My little red riding hood:)

Best picture we could get with G'ma Wendy.

We had such a fun weekend with family, I LOVE Easter!

I am so thankful for a God that sent His only son to die on the cross for me, I'm definitely not deserving.  I cannot even begin to understand that sacrifice, but so thankful to be loved like that.

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16