Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Very Sad Day

A very good, best friend of mine is officially driving back to AZ after graduating from NCU. Last night was hard. I started working at church last October and Ashley was an intern, without her help I might have sank! She helped me with everything and I want to thank her for not only helping me at work, but for being a truly fabulous friend. I know that God has the perfect plan for her, ie, finding a husband, landing the perfect job, dream vacations around the world, and some beautiful kiddies!:) It just stinks that she has to go back to AZ to accomplish all of this...I will miss her dearly! Just know Ashley, I will never make you eat a dead baby chicken egg ever again...unless it involves an extreme amount of STL money! I bawled all the way home from church last night, driving by myself, tear and snot everywhere, just thinking of how much fun we had in the little time that we became friends. Remember when I fell on your foot and broke it...or you just lied and said that it was broken! I love you and miss you already, the Paradigm office will never be the same!

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Jamie Willow said...

oh man! I'm sure she will be missed by so many, she was everyone's favorite!

sorry you are losing a friend to AZ, I wish I could collect everyone I love and keep them close. that would be my idea of heaven :)