Thursday, February 12, 2009

To be or not to be...

Almost everyone at church got the flu last week, it was crazy! All the pastors and their spouses went to a retreat, and then one by one started dropping like flies with the flu. I wouldn't let Andrew and Jeremy near me...I wasn't about to get the flu while being pregnant. I thought I had lucked out, but then a couple days ago I started sneezing, getting a runny/stuffed nose, pounding sinus headaches...which are all symptoms of a sinus infection for me. So right now I'm miserable. I called the nurse at the hospital to see what I can take and she told me everything I already was doing, resting, fluids (enough to have to pee every 30 minutes), saline spray...I was like, give me something else! She said I could take tylenol sinus, which helps a little. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I didn't get the flu, but my entire face is pounding. I'll get over it.

On another note, I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant! I haven't felt the baby move yet, but they said between 16-20 weeks, so I could still have a couple weeks. I'm so excited! I can definitely feel it pushing down on my bladder when I sit and do other things. Is it bad that the only thing we have for the baby right now is shampoo, body wash and lotion? I guess we're just waiting to find out what it is, which I am very excited for!

I'm very excited to have Monday off of work, yah for presidents! However, my lovely husband has to work, which really doesn't make it very fun. I'll probably just end up cleaning anyway, wooo!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Lindsay said...

ohhh.... do you have any names for a girl or boy picked out?

Jamie Willow said...

if you start running a fever and it's an actual infection that requires antibiotics don't worry. I had a serious sinus infection when I first got pregnant too and ended up on antibiotics and it was perfectly safe.
I'll pray you feel better. Pregnancy is hard enough with out adding other sicknesses on top of it.

my little guy makes himself known constantly. I actually yelp once in a while when he kicks hard and I'm not expecting it :) you'll feel yours soon I'm sure.


Lacy said...

We have thrown around a few ideas for names, but it's pretty crazy to have to pick a name for child that he/she will have for the rest of their lives:)

Thanks Jamie! I have been checking my temp to make sure I don't have a fever. It's good to hear that it would be safe to take antibiotics, they kind of scare you into thinking you can't take anything. It sounds like your little guy has some muscle:)