Monday, October 6, 2008

Fun Times

Well, we finally got to pick up our new couch and ottoman last week. We just used the church van and trailer, it was quite an adventure. We started driving away from the church and I decided it might be a good idea to check and see if it's locked, so Derek stopped the van, I got out and the trailer was full of tables, so we turned around and unloaded all the tables and we were off again. Once we get to the furniture pick up place, we realize that is impossible to back up the van and trailer the way you want it to...we ended up just driving sideways to the door:) We had never had to do that. So we get to our house and try to get the sofa sleeper out of the trailer and realize that it is EXTREMELY heavy! Now, I'm pretty strong, but with my little hands and little arms, I can't get a good hold on it. After finally sliding it onto the grass, we were stuck. I tried calling some friends but everyone was gone or working, hmmm, then we decide to put it on a piece of cardboard and slide it to the front door. Okay, now we just have to get it over the little step and onto the large flight of stairs. Finally we have it angled up the stairs, so I put it on my back and Derek is on top pulling, and after an hour of getting it off the trailer, we got it into our living room, thank God! Pretty sure we'll never be moving it again...maybe we'll sell it with the house...maybe not though, I love it! It's so roomy and fun to sit on, yah!!

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