Monday, October 6, 2008

A Great Weekend with Friends

We had a fun weekend. Well, at first we just cleaned our carpets and house, not so much fun, but then we went with some friends to Sever's Corn Maze. Derek and I have gone every year since we moved here, which is only 2 years, now 3, and always have an awesome time. The first year we went, it was so cold we had to wear our winter coats and scarves. The second year we went, it was about 95 degrees, way to hot for a corn maze. This year was pretty much perfect, 70 degrees, sun shining, good polka music playing in the background. We started by going into the pit of corn kernels, the coolest thing I have ever done, then we saw some adorable animals at the petting zoo, watched some crazy pig races, ate a gyro (and spilled down my shirt), then we played boys verses girls in the corn maze. You have to search for all the letters in the alphabet throughout the maze and only 6 of them are the ones you need. The girls won of course, ha! The maze this year was of the white house and election 2008 with Obama and McCain.

Then we all went over to Andrew and Rachel's house for a delicious meal of burgers, green beans and mashed potatoes, mmmmm. We played a game of corn hole, which Derek and I won, sorry Jackie. Then just chilled and watched some Wisconsin sports.

It was a fun filled weekend, we are very blessed with the friends we have met since moving here.

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Kirk said...

October should really blog more often :-)