Friday, May 15, 2009

Playing Catch Up

It's been a while since my last post...I need to work on that. A lot has been going on lately and time is too quickly flying by. I had my first shower at the end of April for my ND familly and friends, my sister Alyssa put it on and did a fabulous job! She had tons of delicious food, fun games (I just happened to be really good at the games and she told me to stop winning so it didn't look like she had rigged them, I can't help it if I know my baby animals), and she had it decorated very cute! It was awesome! We even played the candy bar in the diaper game...really gross. We got some pretty sweet gifts for the little guy, thanks everyone!

All of the gifts are sitting in our guest room in piles because we're waiting on my mom to pick up the bed that's in there in June. I can't wait to decorate it and put the crib up.

Derek is officially done with tax season and starting in June will be going back to 1/2 day Fridays. It has been great having him home earlier and on Saturdays, we're getting more stuff done...but still have a ton to do. We did get the garage cleaned out which was a huge task off of our to do list and found a bunch of stuff to sell at our garage sale we are having with Kirk and Chrystine. I'm actually sitting at it right now and not having any luck. Yesterday I worked while Chrystine ran it and I made about $90, today...nothing. Looks like Thursdays are the big day to go garage saling. Everything we don't sell is going to good will, we don't have any room to take it back to the house.

I'm 30 weeks right now and I'm feeling good still, minus some rib and pelvic pain. I'm going to the dr. every 2 weeks now and soon it will be every week...crazy. The dr. said the head was down, which would explain the excesive kicking going on around my ribs. It's crazy to think that he's in there moving his arms and legs, blinking, swallowing, and everything and soon will be out in this world, amazing. We do have a name picked out, but we're not going to tell anyone until he's born, one surprise for everyone to have. It's driving my sisters crazy though not knowing what it is.

Last weekend, we wen to Alexandria and stayed at the Arrowwood Resort for my cousin's wedding. My family was all there, Derek and I slept in a room with Alyssa and Sammy, and my mom, Darold and Darold's mom stayed in the joined room. We had a good time except the wedding was outside and it was 44 degrees and sprinkling, plus no one told us it was outside so we didn't really come prepared, thanks mom. We were asked to video tape, and so we were getting our camera out and ready, but it was saying the lens cap was on and it wasn't, which it did when we first got it and had to send it in to get fixed, but it was under warranty then. Now we'll just have to get a new camera, so frustrating. There was a fun reception and dance afterward, inside luckily.

I'm speaking on Sunday at the big Mpact Celebration, which is really freaking me out. I don't do very well speaking in front of people. It's different when it's just my 5th grade girls, but this is their parents and relatives and pastors. I get extremely nervous. Hopefully I remember everything I want to say and it makes sense when I say it. I've also been running out of air quicker because of the little guy pushing up against my lungs, so hopefully I can breath too:)

My friends Chrystine and Sara are having a baby shower here in MN on June 6. I'm really excited for it! It's going to be oustide, so hopefully not like the wedding we just went to.

I think that's it for right now, it's getting windier and cooler and it's supposed to rain, plus we have no customers so I think we'll be closing up shop pretty quick here.

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