Monday, January 18, 2010

My First Hickie...

So in church yesterday, Hakan was getting hungry and when he gets hungry he starts to open his mouth, giggle and lunge at my face, specifically my mouth and chin, it's so adorable, I don't care about getting drool all over my face. Well, he was laughing and happy and all of a sudden he latched on to my chin and I quickly took him off and asked Derek if it was red, it wasn't, but 2 hours later I had a first hickie was from my son, so weird and funny!

Hakan is pretty much crawling, he lifts hims
elf up on his feet and hands and then goes on his knees and either seal dives forward or is able to move his hands and knees, it just kind of depends on his mood. He is all over the place, trying to get into everything he can. We're going to have to child proof sooner than I expected.

I'm finding it hard to balance everything in life, it's so hard to do everything. All I want to to do is spend time with my husband
and Hakan, but I have to work, and clean, and do laundry, and we want to do stuff with friends, and we need to work out, and there just isn't enough time in the day, enough days in the week. We are slowly learning how to manage and prioritize our time, but it's not easy. I cherish our time together, I love my two boys so much!