Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Date Night Mission 1

This summer, Derek and I are on a mission to eat all the ice cream in the metro...or try as many different shops as we can anyway:)  There are so many around here, we need to take advantage of them.  And then we need to start working out more, ha!

So while Derek's mom was here, we went to a movie, Snowwhite and the Huntsman, such a good movie, I'm sort of a fairytale/fantasy kind of girl. Derek doesn't count movies as a date, because you can't talk...I agree, but I LOVE movies, so sometimes he gives in. 

Then we went to the Pumphouse Creamery for some of the best ice cream we've had.

It's totally natural, fresh and creamy using local ingredients!  We almost always get a pint, because it ends up being the same price as a little cone...even though we don't really need a pint:)  Vanilla with Door County Cherries and Chocolate with Homemade Chocolate Brownie were our ice creams of choice and they did not disappoint.  The vanilla with cherries was our favorite!

Then we got another pint to bring home to his mom and tried Salted Peanut Butter ice cream with chocolate covered caramel, also delicious!  (if you babysit for us, we'll treat you with ice cream;)

Derek was embarrassed of me taking pictures...mainly because we don't have cool phones that take pictures more discretely (I know, old school here) so I had to use an actual camera and look a little foolish, oh well, all in the name of the mission.

They also make their own root beer, so of course we had to try that too!

We have tried a few other ice cream shops before, Izzy's, Grand Ole' Creamery, The Malt Shop, Ring Mountain...but if you have some recommendations, let me know.

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Kassie said...

I think its a great idea to try every ice cream place around you! We should do this... but then I'd need to work out way more and I hate that!

Also... about movies not being dates...we tend to go to movies a lot on date, but totally understand it not feeling like a date! We need to be more creative!

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