Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Past Week

This is just a little randomness of our last week.

Hakan caught a dragonfly, which he called, "dinosaur bug."  The thing was huge and just let you pick it up, weird, but cool:)

We've gone to the park a lot in this beautiful weather.

Derek plays softball every Thursday night, so if he has early games, we're there cheering him on...or I'm trying to keep tab on my kids that are constantly running away and getting into things, sigh, I at least try to watch him when he's batting anyway.

This was right before hitting his second home run of the night, proud wife here:)

Over this past weekend we rode 30 miles with the kids.  This bike cart is magic, the kids almost always fall asleep which gives Derek and I kind of an impromptu date, awesome!   However, Adeline hates her helmet when you first put it on, but once we're going, she's fine.  A little tip for other parents of little biking babes, it helps to put a little fitted knit baby hat on under the helmet so it doesn't slide over their face.

I'm trying to ride with the kids during the week as well.  I think my goal is between 30-40 miles with them.  So far this week we've gone 15.  

I'm part of The Artisan Group, a celebrity gifting group where you can be put in lottery to give some of your handmade items to a bunch of celebrities and I got chosen to make something for Trista Sutter, THE first bachelorette!!  I decided to make her daughter, Blakesley, an elephant.  I mailed it off last week to California and then once they receive all the gifts for her it will be mailed on June 12 to Trista!  I'm nervous and excited, I hope they love it!  And she actually already asked for my name and address to send a thank you, sweet!

Hakan and Adeline are wearing some adorable screen printed shirts I got from Wren Willow who's having a HUGE 60% sale!  Her stuff is absolutely adorable and the shirts are super high quality.

Like our screen?  The kids have completely destroyed it and Bear was trying to make an escape.  We put a new screen on this past weekend (pretty easy DIY) that is supposedly animal and kid proof, time will tell...

More biking.  Had to get some ice cream after our long ride:)

He had this malt sucked down in like 2 seconds...from working so hard I'm sure;)

I finally got to make something for myself!!  I love creating things for other people,  I just wanted something that I could use, so I made this little quilted pouch out of scraps I had.  It was also the first time I used a zipper.  I LOVE it!  It's perfect for putting in my purse or diaper bag with whatever I need:)  Interested in one?  Just let me know:)

 We had our first CSA pick up last night at the farm and I couldn't be more excited to have all these greens in our fridge.  Lots of lettuce, spinach, cilantro, parsley, radish (don't really like them), sorrel (totally new to us, very sour), bok choy, and arugula.  The only problem is Derek doesn't eat I have a lot of salads to eat:)  Luckily, Derek's mom, sister and brother are coming this weekend, so they can help me:)

Adeline is getting her 4th one year molar so it's been waking her up and Der and I have been going to bed super late, something we really need to work on, but we're a little sleepy this past week.

Have a great week!

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