Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Little Sis

She's known by my high school friends as "naked baby."  It might be because there are 11 years between us, and sometimes when my friends would come over, she'd be running around in her diaper, unfortunately for her, it stuck:)  But her name is actually, Samantha, or Sammy.

I can't believe that this little, bald until she was three, and then grew the sweetest blonde curls, is a senior in high school, and now a beautiful, super smart, shy and sweet woman.  I just have so much love in my heart for her!

I have to brag on her and her photographer, Justin Mark Photography.  The photos are AMAZING and so is Justin!  It helps that I have the most gorgeous sisters;)  It was hard to pick my faves, but here are a few, enjoy!

She didn't quite commit to this one, she was supposed to be upside down, come on Sammy!

Smooshy kiss!
Awww, she loves me, ha!

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Venda Mercer said...

Love those pics!! U both are beautiful!!!