Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Picking We Will Go!

  I combined our last two apple outings into one post, as I'm probably the only one who cares to read about our bagillion trips to the orchard:)  If you're an apple lover like us, you can read some past posts here.


This outing was a little chillier, and we were at Sweetland for a benefit that helped them in their rough apple season.  They lost 90% of their apple crop from a freeze this Spring, so terrible!  

We had a great time, picking apples, sampling their new hard cider, drinking regular cider, eating some super good food, and sitting by the bonfire listening to some acoustic guitar and singing.

Here's a little video.

We're always a little sad at the end of apple season, and this year ending a little earlier than usual, but we have a fridge full of apples to last a couple months, and that makes us happy:)

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