Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our Christmas

We always have our own little Christmas at home where we open our gifts from each other, before we go to ND.  It's so fun seeing them open their gifts.  Hakan's been wanting for a while and Adeline didn't care what was inside, just as long as she got to rip off the paper:) 

The kids gave daddy the "Tickle Monster" book and tickle monster claws, so much sweet laughing as the tickle monster attacked!

They got lots of Usborne books, my favorite too, a friend of mine sells them.

We had an eventful drive to ND, Adeline got sick and started throwing up in the car.  Then when we got to my mom's house, Hakan threw up all over Derek...not fun.  So, after lots of clothes washing and cuddling our babies, we got down to some game playing.

My lovely sister...she hated bananagrams, we liked it.  We also played a really fun game called Snake Oil, you have to play it to kind of understand it, but you have to be a salesman and my innocent little sister here was video taping me during the game...I'm just waiting for that little gem to pop up on facebook.

My mom's cat, Quincy, who's actually a panther in his other life, decided to join in on the fun.  This cat has a 14 inch tail, he's massive, but oh so cute and playful!

We made some yummy sugar cookies.

Adeline had more fun sneaking the cookie dough...such a cute guilty face.

On Christmas Eve, we go to the candle light service at the church that I was saved at and married my best friend, Jamestown First Assembly of God, a very special place for me.  

It's just so hard getting a good family picture, but here's the best...

We opened gifts with Derek's side of the family on Christmas Eve.

Christmas day was spent with my side of the family.  So many stockings!

Our poor Hakan was feeling fine and then all of a sudden started throwing up again on Christmas, three days after he did it the first time, really weird.  Of course, he was a trooper and still opened his presents:)

Also, both kids soiled their cute outfits within a few hours after getting there and had to open some early gifts from G'ma, lucky for them, G'ma loves to buy them clothes!

So overall, we had three wonderful celebrations for Jesus' birthday!   We feel awesomely blessed to be able to spend time with both our families in the same town!  

We also had some other ND fun while being back, but I'll put that in a different post:)

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

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