Thursday, January 3, 2013

Where's December?!

I feel like we just completely skipped over the month of December, in the blink of an eye, it's gone.  Here's just a little bit of what we did before Christmas.

I did a few shows and really love meeting all the incredible people.

We had free tickets to "The Story Tour," so awesome with an orchestra and video to go along with the singing, and had some frozen yogurt before the concert.

I really love this man!


I made these cute little boot cuffs.

Hakan made this fun Christmas tree out of paper towel rolls and feathers.

I made some leg warmers for some little friends. 

I am in love with this alpaca yarn and made this cowl with it.

Silly kids!

We got over 10 inches of snow in one day, so out we went! So gorgeous!

 My little Kevin from "Home Alone."

We went to Derek's work Christmas party and a fun night out.

My mom and sisters came to watch the kids:)

Hakan made a fun gingerbread train that G'ma gave him.

Fun little pouches I made for gifts.

Next up, Christmas!

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