Wednesday, October 2, 2013

MN Renaissance Festival

I have this weird love of the renaissance festival.  History fascinates me, and this time period is so interesting.  It also has to do with my step dad, Roger, taking us when we were little.  He loved this festival and went for many years, and what he loved, I love.  

The last time we went was before Hakan was born.  We got a good deal on tickets and decided to take the kids....not a great idea.  It's just not a very "little" kid friendly place.  Pushing a stroller up steep hills covered in wood chips was a little too much work.  It was kind of hard finding the kids' activities, because it wasn't too clear on the map and they were spread out all over.  The best part of the festival are all the shows...definitely not something Hakan and Adeline enjoyed.  I thought for sure I could get Hakan to dip his hand in wax to make a cute little mold like I did when I was little...we paid the lady, he refused to do anything, luckily she gave our money back.  Hakan was just having a bad day all around, so being outside walking in the heat didn't help.  It's also crazy how much smoking is going on, constantly...can't really get away from it.  We were also covered head to toe in a layer of dirt when we were done.

The day wasn't terrible, I still love it, it's a whole different world there and I could just sit and people watch for hours.  We ate a delicious and ginormous turkey leg, watched some jousting and a fire show, saw some elephants, got super sticky eating honey sticks and walked through a fairy forest.  It was fun being outside and exploring.

He really loves it when I take his picture:)

Asleep within minutes.

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