Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet Sweetland

 We have been at Sweetland Orchard almost every weekend so far this fall.  Our absolute favorite place to be.  Plus, we've been helping Mike and Gretchen out, which has been so fun, we love it!  This post is a whole lotta apples:)

This weekend will be their last weekend open until next year.  They were supposed to be open until the end of October, but this fabulous article and this one, got a lot of people down there to pick most of their apples, a good and bad they just need more trees :) We'll be out there on Saturday, come visit and pick some apples!

My super talented mother-in-law sewed this adorable outfit for Adeline.

They make their own hard and regular cider, delicious!  They're out of hard cider until next season.

We love our picnics at the orchard!

Fletcher will play catch with anything.

I think this is Buffy, their super friendly chicken.

They had their 2nd shindig at the orchard, super yummy food and a bonfire, fun date night for us:)

Derek has made apple crisp and apple fritter donuts, and I've made and canned a ton of apple sauce...we just really like apples.
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