Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas Eve

We usually spend Christmas Eve with Derek's side of the family, his mom, dad, brother and sister.  There's a candle light service at the church Derek grew up in and where we got married, very special to us.

It's this little guys first Christmas eve.

Oh the family photo...always fun :)
On a side-note, I completely biffed it coming out of church and slid across the sand filled parking lot, covering myself with wet muddy sand, scraping my hands and knee and ruining my cute, non-documented Christmas outfit.  I survived, changed and all was well.

These three, So much love and joy, The best presents ever.

Grandpa Ken and Grandma Wendy

Love this!

Uncle Tyler

Aunt Erica

Adeline and Hakan were very generously helping Ames open his presents.

I can't get over my face in this picture and have no idea what was being said...but apparently I'm a little dramatic.

I absolutely love matching pjs!  I really want to include Derek and I but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to talk him into that...ever.

They both got these leap band activity bracelets and they're pretty awesome, watch the video below of Hakan and just try not to laugh.

Grandma really scored with all the Bison gear she got for the kids!  Number 11 for Derek's cousin Carson (quarterback for the 4th straight year national champs and two time NCAA Elite 89 Award)...we're a little proud :)  Anytime we watch football, no matter what team, the kids yell, there's Carson, ha!

It was a really special night celebrating the birth of Jesus with family.  I just love Christmas!

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Becca Groves said...

I gotta look into those Leap they still keep your kids moving? Seems perfect when we're stuffed inside most days (but not this weekend!!!) :)