Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Season

We had a really great relaxing and stress-free Christmas season this year!  All the presents were bought and wrapped by the first week in December, we made and decorated sugar cookies.  A little decorating tip, go out and buy the little bottles from Michael's, they're amazing and make decorating with kids effortless...well, as effortless as anything with kids can be.  We got our craft on, painting ornaments, putting those annoying mardi gras beads to use inside clear ball ornaments, foot and hand print hangings, decorated gingerbread men from last year...  Hakan and Adeline got really into all of it, which made it that much more fun!

Sugar overload!

I had a ton of fun making these stockings for Derek's aunt and would love to make some for us next year.

This is our Elfie Ralphie.  We don't follow the "he reports back to Santa" story line, but just fun for the kids to find him in the mornings.  This was the most elaborate one I did...the rest of the time, he was quickly grabbed and shoved somewhere before bed...if I didn't forget :)  I was inspired by our uber talented cousins who play for the Bison.

This was pretty easy and fun, you can find the recipe I used here.


Growing up, we were always given Hallmark ornaments for each Christmas.  My stepdad Roger, came into our lives with no Hallmark ornaments of his own, so I decided since he loved and built cars, to start his own collection on our tree with this series.  I was only able to give him this one.  This will be our 16th Christmas without his handsome, space-toothed smiling grin.  He was my dad in all respects and I miss him tons.  Memories always flood back when I unwrap this little car.

Our tree is a huge melting pot of ornaments from when both Derek and I were little and then our kids.  My favorite part is the skirt that my mom made over 30 years ago, love it!  The kids LOVE opening their ornaments and hanging them, they squeal every time!


The kids get this tree in their room with mostly non-breakable ornaments and most of our Christmas books next to it that we read all December.

Adeline's and Hakan's

This Santa was hilarious!  He was on the floor making car noises, making up songs, playing patty cake, and dancing, the kids loved him (I thought he was a little strange...a good strange, and I think Ames agreed).


Look at Ames' sweet little foot!

We had a great time at Derek's Christmas Party!  Our first night away from Ames, and he slept awesome for my sister, yay!

We always go back to ND for a week during Christmas and before we go, we have our own little celebration with the kids.

We got the kids a guitar (for a really awesome deal) just ignore the fact that it's an Adam Levine one.  Now we just have to figure out how to play...or first tune it...should be fun :)  Anyone want to give us lessons?

I wish this magical season could last a bit longer, but I guess maybe it wouldn't be as special as it is.

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Becca Groves said...

I love this update! And I can't get over how all three of your kids have grown. Love the tip about the bottles from Michaels and LOVE the gingerbread cookies. Adorable.