Tuesday, March 6, 2012

10 Days

Last Friday, Der surprised me with a date night, he even found the sitter.  Granted, we didn't leave until the kids were in bed, so it was pretty easy peasy for our sitter, I think he did his taxes...coworker of Der's:)

Lately when we go on date nights, we don't really have a plan...probably not the smartest thing, but we always find something to do, we'll just call them adventures.

There's been a frozen yogurt craze in the Twin Cities, four new ones recently opened in the north metro, and you know how much we love sweets, so we decided to try one of those.  We chose the one we did for two reasons, one it's not a chain, just a regular guy named Dave, living his dream, and two, it's right next door to Trader Joe's.  We went there first because they close early and I so wish it was a little closer to us to go more often, love it!  The frozen yogurt place is called, FreeStyle Yogurt,  in St. Paul.  If you live in this area, show them some love and "like" their FB page:)  They were so extremely friendly and gave us tons of little cups to try ALL the different kinds of yogurt, so many flavors too!  We settled on white chocolate mousse and strawberry with some blueberries and strawberries on top.  Oh my, I absolutely LOVED it! 

I did not take these pics, I completely forgot, savoring every bite and not wanting it to be gone, so these are courtesy of their facebook page.

Then we went to Caribou to enjoy a nice cup of tea and talk.

How adorable is that cozy?!  My friend Missy made it for me:)

First one to write on the board:)

So you might be wondering why Der would surprise me with a date night...it's not his usual thing.  He left Sunday to go to Miami for 10 days, for work doing the audit for Best Buddies, an awesome awesome nonprofit, I adore their mission!  Der loves this audit, such a CPA:)  This is a trip he's been taking every year now for 4 years (I think).  Obviously when I was by myself, no big deal, then with Hakan, still not too bad, except for last year when we both got the flu, bad.  But now I have two kids...eek!  I think the biggest thing is sleep.  So far, the first night Adeline had a bad night, up every hour, I was a monster yesterday morning when Hakan woke up at 6:00, then last night she only woke up once, PRAISE THE LORD!!  I was a completely different person this morning when Hakan woke up, no monster here today:)  So, as long as Adeline has more good nights then bad, we'll be good.

I miss Derek so much already.   I miss just sitting on the couch together after the kids are in bed.  I miss falling asleep in his arms.  I miss his goodbye kiss in the mornings.  I miss him playing and reading to our babies.  I know it will go by fast.  And I have lots of friends who are keeping me busy and helping out, so thankful for them!  I just can't wait until he gets home:)  Love you babe!

It helps that it's supposed to be super nice here this week, so not getting the 80 degree weather is a little less disappointing:)

Only eight more days!

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