Monday, August 27, 2012

10 Years Older

This post will probably only interest a select few:) 

We headed back to ND for my 10 year reunion...holy crazy!

I only wish I would have taken more pics.

My best ladies, Kristy and Missy...except Jenni who was spending some time with her family.

Hanging out with the group, just like old times...AND with a hound dog too:)

If you're a reader from Fargo, my friend, Cristen, with the green hair:), just opened the most awesome pet salon, HotDog! Pet Salon.  She's amazing!!

What's a get together without a pyramid?!  Sorry about the fuzzy pics!

It was such a fun weekend getting to see old friends and some with kids now?!  It's funny how being around them just puts you right back in high school, good times:)

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