Friday, August 3, 2012

Small Town Fourth

My stepdad, Roger, grew up in a small town called Courtenay, ND.  I then grew up going to his farm and my g'ma Proxie's house all the time.  I have so many wonderful memories of this small town, it makes my heart happy.

Every 4th of July, they have the celebration of celebrations, my most favorite thing!  The population is only 45, but every other surrounding small town and farm show up for this family-like get together with a potlluck, kids' games and fireworks.

I haven't been to this in so so so many years and it actually worked out this year for us to go and Der's family was able to come too!

One word...potluck.  Just picture three eight foot tables, completely covered with food, plus a separate one for dessert!  The best homemade array of food ever!  I definitely needed a bigger plate...this didn't even include my dessert:)  

Then of course there's the sand pits with money...when they said, "Go!" sand was flying...luckily there was a separate preschool pile for the little ones.  This was serious business for the older kids, they weren't messing around.  And of course the one time that we say, "dig in, get dirty!" is when Hakan just stands there and waits for the coins to jump out at him:)

What's a small town get together without bingo?!  We all weren't paying attention and Adeline was sucking on a red bingo dobber, oops.

Der's sister won a hat and $5, but the rest of us weren't lucky.

Our kids just won't sleep anywhere except a bed.  We tried putting Adeline to sleep for like three hours, with no such luck.  It's a Fourth of July Christmas tree in the back:)

Hakan was a little scared of the fireworks at first, but warmed up to them.

When the first ones went off, Adeline didn't start crying, but she started shaking...a lot.  So we went into the car:)

It's a little late, but Happy Fourth of July!

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