Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thrift Store Tray with Chalkboard Paint

I've been wanting to paint something with this chalkboard paint that I got a long time ago.  Then I wanted something that I could write Bible verses on to help me memorize them, instead of not-so-pretty sticky notes.  And then I found this pretty little silver tray at goodwill and it hit me...
chalkboard paint + a silver tray = a simple and sweet little display:)

So here it is.

Supplies: Chalkboard paint, painters tape, sponge brush, drill (if you want to hang it), ribbon or string and chalk

Step one: Tape off what you want to be painted.

Step two:  Paint multiple coats, dry in between, I did four, just to cover the design in the middle.

Step three:  Remove tape carefully as to not pull any of the paint off.

Step four:  Drill your desired size hole in each corner.

Step five:  Thread your ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.

Step six:  Rub chalk all over it to break it in, erase and write your own message, love it!

Now I just need fancier handwriting:)

This is the hat I knitted for Adeline this winter:)

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