Monday, September 3, 2012

Last huzzah at our happy place

I wrote a couple weeks ago about my great uncle Dale's cabin being for sale here.  I'm still in shock about never going to the place I've gone to every year for 28 years...this was our last weekend there.  I just wish we could afford to purchase it, but we're scraping by the way it is.

It just breaks my heart.

Lots of pictures.

Hakan's first fish, caught with cheese:)

Helping daddy build a bonfire.


Ha!  My beautiful sister:)

We were in a craft show down the road, awesome day!

We had to eat at's delicious!  Hopefully we'll eat there again someday.

My mama and sister.

My step dad.

My great aunt Bev made these, may she rest in peace, and I was able to take them home.  I've always loved them, now I just need to find the perfect place for them.

She couldn't move and just tipped over.

One last boat ride on Clitherall lake.

It was too late for the little ones to roast marshmallows over the bonfire, so we made some over the grill, yum!

Such a good brother sharing:)

This is what I will miss the most, sitting on the patio watching the sun set, gorgeous.

Pancakes with blueberry syrup...he likes it.

Hakan found a little baby snapping turtle...he obviously wasn't mean yet, and still a little cute.  Too bad he'll grow up to be a nasty big thing.

We had wonderful time and will miss this place dearly.  We have been so blessed to be able to use it and are so thankful!  Now onto other adventures in pursuit of our happy place to make new memories:)

You can read about a few other posts about the lake here (sweet baby Adeline was so small!), here and here.

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