Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apples, Apples, and More Apples!

We've already gone to pick apples twice this fall...if you want to call it fall, at our favorite little orchard, Sweetland Orchard.  This is our absolute most favorite place to go and thing to do as a family!    The couple that own it, Mike and Gretchen, are super nice and inviting people, who also have a little girl who's the same age as Adeline:)  Hakan loves their dog, Fletcher, who will play fetch with just about anything, apples, pinecones, sticks, balls, really whatever he can find, he's adorable.  It's not like other pick-your-own places, it's a little more wild and not as busy, our kind of place.  They also have some of the best cinnamon and sugar donuts;)

We've already made apple sauce and apple crisp, with more apple recipes to come.  And we already got to pick some Honeycrisp, which is usually not ready for a couple weeks, yay!

This was our first visit, a little drizzle going on, but still fun:)

Hakan found their chickens and chased them for a bit.

This was our second visit, a perfect day to be outside!   I love this picture because it looks like she's just striding along with her basket, but really she was kind of teetering and falling:)

We have been letting Hakan use our old camera, so he took some pictures while we were there.  I was pretty impressed with a few.  I really love seeing his vantage point, it's fun!

This first one is my favorite!


You can read about our past "obsessed with apples" posts here, here, here, and here...I wasn't joking when I said we were obsessed:)

We're certainly not done for the season yet!

We also think that we just need to move down to this area, because we go down there for so many things, I think we're country people at heart...someday maybe.

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