Monday, February 18, 2013

snow days

It's been a little cold and snowy around here has definitely been a Minnesota winter and we've been trying to keep busy as not to catch the dreaded cabin fever.

 The kids got this sled from their grandma and it works awesome!  It's slippery and slides like a dream!  Hakan would live outside if he could and LOVES sledding, Adeline, however, is not really into the cold or moving fast.

Then, last week, I walked into their room with Hakan holding a completely empty jar of super thick cream, most of it being on his sister, the dressers, the floor, the door, the humidifier and the cat, who happened to be trapped in the room with them.  Below is the after effect of lotion in the hair.


 We've had friends over to play.  Friends, who just had a new baby girl on Valentine's Day, yay!

I sewed a cute little travel jewelry case, perfect for taking down to Miami in a couple weeks.  On top of going to Miami once a month every month for a few days, every year Derek takes a 10 day trip to Miami for another client, which is a really long time with two littles.  This year, I'm going to go down for five days to hang out while my wonderful mom comes to watch the excited!!

Hakan wrote part of his name all by himself!

Grandma Wendy, Grandpa Ken and Uncle Tyler have been here for over a week while G'pa is getting some tests, so we went swimming at the hotel...again, Adeline is not so much into the whole water thing.  If you think of it, can you say a prayer for Derek's dad, we just need to figure out what's been going on with his health for the past six years, thank you:)


We decided to brave Toddler Tuesday at the Mall of America to get out of the house, and go see The Okee Dokee Band.  They were so great!  They play awesome folk music for kids and adults, and even won a Grammy for their album, which will be going on the kids' birthday lists;)

Hakan has been getting out of bed and laying at the top of the stairs...apparently doesn't want to miss anything.

Valentine's Day was a fun day of hearts!

 I got some gorgeous flowers from my beautiful mother-in-law.  Derek and I went to the movie, Silver Linings Playbook, one of my new favorite movies, seriously, Derek and I were laughing so hard in the theater, like almost snorting...people probably thought we were nuts, but it was totally our sense of dry humor, it was awesome!

So that's been our last couple weeks.  
Tomorrow, I am turning 29...I definitely don't feel that old, it's just a number, right:) 

Happy Monday!

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