Monday, March 4, 2013

Getting Out

Getting out of the house in the winter is a must for us.  No matter how cold, we just need a change of scenery, so we don't go crazy.

We go to the MN Zoo a lot.  They have quite a bit of indoor animals and we're members, so even if we only go for an hour, it's ok.


Once a year, President's Day weekend, they bring in a TON of super soft sand for an indoor sand box, and lucky for us they extended it a few days.  Just a little taste of summer...

We had a little friend's birthday, so we made her a doll carrier...Hakan makes a great model:)

There's Rapunzel, the birthday girl, in the purple and miss Adeline wearing the doll carrier...she didn't want to give it away:)

This is Hakan's "girl" friend, who's moving away soon.  He has been talking about her for the last week, nonstop, he'll miss her.

We are also members of the MN History Society, which can get us into some pretty awesome museums. Last Saturday, before Derek was going out of town for 10 days, we went to the History Museum.  I LOVE history, so fascinating!  They actually have a lot of interactive exhibits for kids...and adults:) 

 We had to get a picture with Paul Bunyan and Babe.

We're really trying to think spring around here and planted some herbs.  Hakan is loving watching them grow.

Some friends are going to France for almost a month, and their little one just turned one, so I made some shirts for his birthday for the trip, a little jealous:)

  Derek is in Miami for his yearly 10 day trip for a client, this year however, my wonderful mom is coming to watch the kids and I'm going down on Thursday until Tuesday.  I think I'm most excited to have some time with Derek, even though he'll be working a lot.  I'm excited to just be his wife and love on him:)  Ten days is a long time, especially with two kids, so this  trip will be amazing.  I'll miss them dearly of course, but mama and daddy need some time together:)

So, I'll probably blog next when I'm in Florida, sitting in the sun, not freezing on the couch while 6 feet of snow is falling outside, so excited!

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