Friday, March 29, 2013

First Semi-successful Family Movie Picnic

It's one of those times where you think in your head, "we should have a picnic in the living room while watching a movie, it'll be so much fun!"  

And then what's in your head and what actually takes place are two completely different scenarios.  In my head, we would have a mess free, quiet meal, while enjoying the movie, all together as a family.  

What actually happened...we didn't make food in advance, so we made popcorn as an appetizer, while daddy made homemade pretzel dogs (we had to wait for the dough to rise), so the movie ended up being paused 10 times, with popcorn all over the blanket, kids running back and forth from the kitchen to see what daddy was doing, standing in the way of someone's view, getting upset...however, it was still fun, we watched Wreck it Ralph, very cute, and had a little dance party at the end.  Next time we'll be a little more prepared:)

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