Thursday, May 17, 2012

30 Things I Learned on Day One of our First Family "Vacation"

1.  Wake up earlier then you think you should.
2.  Pack, remove half of what you’ve packed and pack again, you will have a washer and dryer.

3.  Being informed and prepared for the airport made us rock stars at checking in, going through security and getting to our gate…having kids gets you bumped to the front of the security line, bonus!

4.  Even if you booked your tickets together, you don’t necessarily get seats together…Hakan was seated somewhere else, which I had called about earlier and they moved him, but not Derek.

5.  No matter what, always get Derek by me when flying with two little ones!
6.  Never assume that if you ask someone to switch seats with your husband so he can sit next to you during the 3+ hour flight to help with your babies she’ll say “yes”…her excuse was she had knee surgery so she had to sit in the aisle, then proceeded to cross her legs the entire flight (I was a little angry).
7.  Also don’t assume that the two other ladies you ask will say “yes” either, they will say “no” before you can even finish.
8.  Hakan’s excitement when we were taking off just melted my heart and made me feel like a kid again.
9.  Adeline Halvorson does not sit on laps well.

10.  She also doesn’t nap unless it’s her crib…dark…with a sound machine…and her blanket…laying down…with her glow sea horse.

11.  No matter what you do, both kids are going to poop in the middle of the flight and one or both of them will start to leak…probably on you.

12.  When Hakan wakes up from a nap at home in a hysterical crying fit, no problem.  When he wakes up on the plane in a hysterical crying fit…problems, like clawing to get off the plane, resulting in both kids crying.

13.  Hakan can figure out how to erase everything on your kindle fire within minutes of playing with it on the flight.

14.  Getting four new molars does not make for a happy baby traveler.
15.  Three hours is a really long time in such a small space.
16.  The three large checked bags, five carry-on bags, two car seats and one stroller, and two kids are not easy to bring to check-in,  pick up at baggage claim, load onto rental car shuttle, carry into rental car place, bring upstairs, and then bring to minivan (thank goodness they upgraded us for free!), unload at condo, bring up to 46th floor, really really wear you out.
17.  Going to a delicious restaurant with candles all over the floor, white cushions and breakables throughout, with an almost three year old…not a good idea.  But so awesomely yummy! 

Looking lovely after a very long day.

Hakan's fancy chicken strips and french fries.

And she's happy!
18.  With your second child, you are SO much more slack…Adeline ate French fries at dinner, don’t judge, she loved them!

19.  That hair dryer and curling iron you brought?  Pointless.  It’s not going to do a thing on your frizzy curly hair in 84% humidity.

20.  People in Miami like to honk their horn.

21.  We’re not on the beach, but have a SPECTACULAR view of the water from our condo!

22.  Our bathroom is the size of our whole upstairs!

23.  The pool is 100 meters (Olympic size), and the hot tub is the size of a large pool, this is where we’ll be spending most of our days.  Poor Derek who has to work, we’ll miss him during the day:(

24.  I could never live in a condo on the 46th floor in a crazy busy down town…but I am  going to enjoy every single second this week!

25.  A crazy nap less day equals a crazy sleepless night.

26.  All four of us can sleep in a king size bed.

27.  I don’t sleep well with four people in a king size bed.

28.  I really love coffee.

29.  The ocean is magnificent, no matter how many times you see it.

30.  Today is a new day and I am so ready for a little florida sunshine with my family…even with a few clouds!

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Samantha Dick-aka YOUR SISTER said...

Hahaha "All four of us can sleep in a king size bed"..."I don't sleep well with four people in a king size bed" made me laugh