Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tagging along with daddy

 Derek has been traveling a lot for work, and we miss him so much when he's gone, so we tagged along on his last trip to Montevideo, MN.  We went with last year too, but it was so nice out, and they have the coolest park that we hung out at most of the time.  This year, it was cold, and in a small town with little to do indoors, we were in the hotel room a majority of the time.  We all had our moments being cooped up, but it was awesome to see Derek at night:)

I brought 3M hooks, a clothes line rope, a sheet and clothes pins to make a divider for when the kids are napping and going to bed.  It worked well, except Adeline didn't sleep very well and was able to climb out of the pack and play, and then climb into bed with us...we tried.

Hakan was pretty excited to watch The Mickey Mouse Club, we don't have cable or satellite, so definitely a treat!

Doing yoga with mama.

Hakan and Adeline's first official Happy Meal...they've eaten some food from there a couple times, but not a Happy Meal.  We don't eat out much, and when we do it's usually Chipotle:)  With the exception of staying in a hotel and having to eat out.  Eating out with two kids is a lot of work now and expensive, so we'll stick to staying at home.

We went swimming a few times at the hotel, but Adeline doesn't love swimming.

We're ready for daddy to be working least he'll be done working Saturdays in a few weeks.  Life of a C.P.A.

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