Saturday, April 13, 2013

We live in Narnia

I did it!  I found the wardrobe that leads out of this forever winter land of Narnia!  

It was so ginormous and beautiful, and if I had an extra $1,400 laying around, I would have snagged it right up!

Okay, maybe it didn't open up to another land...but a girl can dream of some warmer weather and no snow.  It was all melted around Easter, and we had some really nice days, then it started raining and snowing and we had thundersnows, so weird.

I bet this guy was super excited to be back in that little plow, he did get some waves and smiles from my excited kids.

Back to antiquing, there's a little antique shop that's only open once a month for four days, that includes a bunch of different vendors.  I've wanted to go for a while, but kept missing the days, so a friend and I finally went, it's one of my favorite things to do, I love old things!  If you're in the area, it's still open today and tomorrow, and they restock every day.

When we have money (ha!), and a bigger place someday, I would adore an old hutch, this one had nooks and crannies everywhere, it was amazing!


It takes a lot of self control to not purchase half the shop, but I walked away with a fun wire basket, that I might hang on the wall as a shelf, an adorable wire bird that would be perfect for collecting eggs from our chickens that we will one day own (dreaming), a letter "a" for Adeline, and a heavy duty rolling pin, that I paid $7 for, I think is worth between $20-$45, from looking online.  My friend scored a pretty sweet bench for their back door.

On April 18-20, is the BIGGEST and most AWESOME antique/vintage/junk event ever, Junk Bonanza!!  I've gone the past two years, and now they have it twice a year, yippee!  It's three days, because you literally need three days to see everything.  Seriously, go for a day, it's amazing!

At least there are a few people who still get excited about snow in April...

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Becca Groves said...

oh my word. we're going to be out of town next weekend. otherwise I was going to ask to tag along with you to the junk bonanza!

And! thanks for the heads up about this place in Apple Valley! I have to get to Joanne's and may make this a big outing. Hmmm...

There is a trickier place in the world of antiques: you have the house to fill, but not the money to fill it. That is dangerous, dangerous place to be when you walk into a store like this!

(I adore the wire bird. Love it. And you know you're welcome to come ANYTIME to check out our chickens in the meantime. We'd love to have you and the fam...)

Becca (probably should have just written an email! :)