Monday, May 13, 2013

Jenny & Tyler date night

We got tickets to a Jenny & Tyler concert last year, but had to go out of town, we were so disappointed, we LOVE them and their music.  So a couple weeks ago, they added a house show to their tour in St. Paul, and I bought some tickets, yay!  I didn't realize that it was on Mother's Day, but a treat for me:)  

It was our first house show, and they were so perfect in person, we love them even more now:)

One of my favorite songs!

This was a sing-a-long, so sweet.  It's actually Derek's head in the bottom right corner, ha!

They are so sweet and funny, and I even bartered a cute t-shirt for an Anchored Hope item, sweet! (They're expecting a baby in July)

You can download some of their songs from noisetrade here, make sure to leave a tip.  Show some love and like their facebook page.

Hope you check them out:)

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