Thursday, May 9, 2013

Girl's Weekend!

You guys, driving in a car, by myself, able to listen to whatever I want, stop whenever  I want (even if I have to stop to pee twice in 4 hours), with no one giving me that "really?" look, it was awesome!!

Three of my super good friends from high school and I, try to get together a couple times a year.  One lives in KS, one in SD, one in ND and I live in MN, so it's kind of in the middle to meet in Sioux Falls, SD, and Kristy so generously hosted us at her house.  It was the first really nice weekend and couldn't have been more perfect.  We kind of go into these with very little planning, that way we can just do whatever works:)  

My wonderfully amazing husband watched the kids all weekend long, thanks baby!

Jenni and her husband are expecting their first baby in August, so we had a little surprise baby shower.  These cupcakes were seriously delicious and cute...I may or may not have eaten two, girl's weekend right?  We also got some pedicures, forgot to get pics though.

Brunch at a local diner...girl's weekend is all about food, catching up and relaxing.

Glorious afternoon spent outside at The Falls.  Bonus, getting to see all the high schoolers in their prom dresses taking pictures:)  In honor of prom, our prom, 11 years ago:)  Not too dated...but maybe I'm just in denial, still love my dress:)  


This is probably one of my favorite pictures to date.  I love these ladies so much!  Missy, second one from the right, is expecting her second baby, two preggo's in our little group, love it!

Then I got to come home to this, my sweet little ones.  I love getting away, it's good for my soul, and I love coming home:)

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