Sunday, June 2, 2013

counting calories + p90x = results

From 6th grade to my freshman year in college, I was a swimmer, pretty much year round, with school and club swimming.  I learned how to train hard, lift hard and give it my all.  What I didn't learn, was how to eat right.  I was always burning so many calories, I could eat whatever I wanted.  I'm not even sure of my weight while swimming, but I do know I gained a TON of weight after, which I didn't even see until I started to look at pictures and realized all my clothes were four sizes bigger.  The year before Derek and I got married, I joined weight watchers and lost 42 pounds, it worked!  I basically started eating healthier and smaller portions.  After moving to MN, I didn't find a meeting site that worked for me and gradually put on about 20 of those lost pounds.  I've stayed pretty much the same after having two babies, losing all the baby weight while nursing, but staying the same around 210 pounds (but babies did change my body shape of course).  It doesn't help that Derek and I both love to cook and bake:)

Derek and I decided to try P90X starting in February this year, and I started using the app, My Fitness Pal, on my phone to count calories.  Working out is something we like to do together, but is tough with Derek's crazy busy work schedule.  So after we put the kids to bed, we immediately worked out...which is one of the last things you want to do after putting the kids to bed;)  When Derek was traveling, I would still do the workouts, but it wasn't always an option for him, so we would just start where he left off.  It took us a little longer than 90 days, but we did it...minus the pull-ups (no where to put a pull-up bar).  Even with my horrible knees I was able to do most of the workouts.

To date, I've lost 18 pounds, and have gone down a pant, bra and cup size.  I said goodbye to the 200's!!  I should have taken measurements along the way, but didn't think of it.  I feel quite a bit better, more energy and endurance, flexibility, strength, and confidence. 

Here are some (not so great) pictures to show progress, bleh!

This last pic was taken just last weekend after running three miles and I am a terrible runner!  Also taken at late dusk, hence the not so clear.

Now that it's finally spring/summer (fingers crossed), we have been getting outside for lots of bike rides, riding 40 miles this weekend, and walks to the park.  I have some weight to lose before my goal, but my next step is to cut out a lot more sugar and carbs from my diet.  Our CSA starts in a few weeks, which will definitely help, lots of veggies!

I'm finally learning to eat smaller portions and to stop eating when I'm full.  I try to work out at least 5-6 times a week, but active in some way, everyday.  It's definitely not easy, but sooo worth it!

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