Tuesday, June 11, 2013

My Mother's Day 2013

It's kind of been our thing to celebrate Mother's Day on the Saturday before, that way we have a whole day for fun...not that church isn't fun, just breaks up the day a little.

We went to Como Zoo, to change it up a bit from the MN Zoo.

I love this picture, makes my heart happy!

Then we went out for dinner, play-dough, it's our new restaurant savior, keeps them entertained for a long time!

Then on Sunday, our wonderful church, Southland, helped our kids make these fun canvas paintings!  Best picture I could get of crabby pants Adeline:)

A friend from church took pictures for everyone, so sweet!

On Sunday night, Derek and I went on a date to see one of our favorite bands, Jenny and Tyler, I wrote about it here.

As I'm looking through these pictures, I am just completely overwhelmed with joy.  It blows my mind that God chose me to be the mama to these two crazy awesome kids.  To bless me with an overflowing heart of love for them.  I am the one who got to hold, rock and nurse them, the one who gets to see and share in all of their important milestones in life, who can kiss their boo boo's all better, the one who gets to wake up every morning to their full of energy smiling little faces, the one who gets to help shape and mold them into the people God wants them to be, the one who gets to play catch, dance, race, and play with.  Of course, there are difficult days, lots of them, but those are the days that help me appreciate being a mama even more. I get to be their mama, forever and always, good days and bad, I get to love them with every ounce of my being.  Before I had babies, I just didn't realize how powerfully and wonderfully I would love them, and how I would do anything for them.  Becoming a mom definitely changed me, but for the better, times infinity.  Obviously, I wouldn't be half the mom I am without Derek, he helps balance out the crazy;)

Thank you for making me a mama, Hakan and Adeline!  Love you!!

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Becca Groves said...

Playdough at a restaurant!! This is so brilliant!!! Thanks for this hot tip. Super sweet post. Love it.