Tuesday, March 25, 2014

18 weeks

It's still hard to believe that we have another baby on the way!  I'm actually 19 weeks this week. I first started feeling him/her move around 15 weeks and within the last week he/she has been moving like crazy!  It's a feeling I don't think you ever forget, but forget how much you love until it happens again. This third one has really made me pop a lot sooner than the first two, I'm feeling a little large already.  I'm also feeling more pressure a lot sooner, stretched out and all I suppose.  However, I really do love being pregnant.  There is about a month in the first tri that has me nauseous, but otherwise, feeling great.  We have the official ultra sound in two weeks and everybody keeps asking if we're going to find out...we found out with Hakan and Adeline, and probably will with this one.  We like family names and have a hard time deciding, so we'll need to narrow it down to one gender I think.  But, we might just keep it to ourselves for a little fun ;)  Hakan thinks it's a boy and Adeline just keeps going back and forth.  We would love either!  Only time will tell!

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Becca Groves said...

This is so exciting. That feeling of a wee one growing inside. What joy! So happy for you guys!