Monday, April 28, 2014

My Sweet Grandpa Don

After over 17 years of battling different cancers, my sweet Grandpa Don passed away on February 16, 2014.  It's hard, and I've been putting off writing this post.  My heart breaks for my Grandma Mae, even though she is doing well.  Losing your other half of almost 60 years would be one of the hardest things.  And also my mom and aunt, I know how terrible it is to lose a dad.

He was such a sweet, quiet, hard working, caring, short tempered, strong, stubborn, giving, man of God.  And don't get him started on Democrats :)  When my grandma would get upset with him, she would say, "Donald W. Peppel."  We couldn't go to a restaurant where there was any wait to be seated, he wasn't very patient.  I loved him very much, but don't actually know a lot about him.  But he was a good grandpa and great grandpa, letting us kids climb all over him, sitting in his lap, reading to us, and loving us.  He loved Westerns and John Wayne.  I like to think he's starring in his own Western now up in heaven with John by his side.  He was a talented wood carver, carving me a Santa, an elephant, and a Jesus on a cross.

My Grandma and Grandpa spent their winters down in Mesa, Arizona, my grandma decided to stay their normal time and have the funeral this weekend in West Fargo.  

Back in January, my Grandpa wasn't doing great, and my mom thought it would be good for my sister's and I to go and visit.  It worked out for my sister, Sammy, and I to go down the weekend of February 14, along with my mom and aunt and other family members of my grandma and grandpa's.  

It was hard to see him unable to communicate and so weak.  He did know we were there, and I think that brought him some peace and comfort.  

On Saturday, three of my grandma's sisters, a brother-in-law, my grandpa's brother, and three of my mom's cousins, came over.  It was bittersweet, not having seen them in so long, but for such a somber occasion.  But it was a time of togetherness with family and so good for our hearts.

We stayed with my great uncle Dale, who lives on a golf course, and on Sunday morning, before anyone else was awake, I went for a walk.  With tears streaming down my face, I prayed and prayed that God would please take my grandpa that day, he was in so much pain.  I just wanted him to be with Jesus and at peace.  My prayer was answered and he passed away that evening, surrounded by family that loved him dearly.  Thank you Jesus.

These pictures are of me and my grandpa.

Great Grandpa with Hakan.

Great Grandpa with Adeline.


My grandparents with their grand kids and great grand kids.  

My sister and I leaving for Mesa.

My mom, sister, aunt and cousins.

My grandma's brother-in-laws, and nephews.

My beautiful grandma (standing) and three out of her six amazing sisters.

The golf course.

Leaving Arizona with a heavy heart.

We will miss you so much grandpa, ride some horses and round up some bad guys for us.

October 13, 1929
84 years old

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Glenda said...

Your blog and photos brought tears to my eyes. Your grandpa was a quiet man. You described him perfectly. I am so happy I was able to visit you in Mesa on your Grandpa's last Saturday. Glenda