Wednesday, May 28, 2014


April was on the colder side, so when the weather did warm up, we tried to get outside.

For the last three years, we've tagged along with daddy to Montevideo, MN for work.   They have this amazing park to play at and the first year, it was so perfect out!  Last year, super cold out and too much hotel time.  I was really hoping for some nicer weather, but it was cold.  We tried toughing it out for a little bit...mommy actually got cold first, then just went to their local library for a while and the coffee shop.

Derek and I went to our first NHL MN Wild game and it was really awesome!  Hockey in person is so exciting and they won!

We went to the zoo a couple times with friends.

We got to see our baby's face for the first time...even though baby was being being super difficult, turning the other way, covering it's face, we had to get another ultra sound done to make sure everything was good, which it was, but baby still didn't let us look at it's face again, burying itself in a corner, stinker.  Baby is super strong, moves as much as Adeline, but with more force...scary. ;)

Our favorite.

It only took me three tries to knit some little shoes...that will more than likely be too small for our long-footed babies.

Adeline got tired of wearing Great-Grandpa Jack's 489th squadron hat.  

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