Sunday, July 6, 2014

Exploring Fort Snelling

We love exploring Minnesota!  Derek discovered that with our Bank of America card, there are a few museums we can get into for free the first Saturday of the month, so great!  We went to Historic Fort Snelling, originally built in 1820's along the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers.

We got to see a cannon and muskets being fired.  The kids got to wash clothes using wooden barrels and tools.  We chatted with a soldier about how they slept four to a bunk bed, two in each twin.  The drummer was pretty fun too.  I had no idea Dred and Harriet Scott lived there!  Love learning new things!

Hakan and Adeline did really awesome, they were so interested in the rooms and information.  Hakan wanted us to read all the plaques to him, my little history buff after his mama's own heart :)  

33 weeks along with baby H, less than six weeks left until the scheduled c-section on August 19!


Loud canon.

Both kids kept saying the towers were spooky, one of their favorite things to say.

Our misfits.

Two men in each bed...cramped?

Definitely enlisting these two to help more with laundry.

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