Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Happy 4th!

It was one of the most beautiful 4th of July days I can remember, no scorching heat, no sweating bullets while watching the parade, or being eaten alive by mosquitoes, so perfect!  

We started off the day with Derek's homemade english muffins with egg, bacon and cheddar, ummm, melt in your mouth deliciousness, goodness we're spoiled!

We have been going to the Apple Valley parade for over 6 years, it's a pretty good one, lasting almost two hours.  When we first moved here, we noticed people taping blankets to the side walks the day before the parade, which we thought was we've been one of the crazies the past couple of years and kind of love it.  We don't have to worry about finding a place right on the street for prime candy gathering by getting there super early. We just show up a little bit before and voila, seats reserved :)  

My favorite part of the parade is the very beginning when the planes fly back and forth in formation, so fun to watch!  Adeline was bouncing and dancing the whole parade, I could not get enough of it, just too cute!  Both kids got some candy, not a lot, which is totally fine and Wal-Mart always gives out icee pops.  We also sat by some friends, making it that much more fun.

Some other friends had a bunch of people over for a grill out, so we just hung out and chatted.  Then we went to the Apple Valley firework show, it's also good, lasting almost 30 minutes.  Fireworks are so amazing!  Both kids almost fell asleep while watching them, but ended up making it through...barely.

We are so thankful for our freedom and the men and women who have fought and are fighting for it everyday.  
God bless America!

Adeline was waving at eveyone, and then when the royalty would pass, she would start waving like them, princess style.

Sorry all the videos, I love love them all

Oh just using mommy's belly to play on...and trying to feel baby kick for 2.5 seconds, not quite patient enough.

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Becca Groves said...

Those dancing videos are so awesome!!! I hope this is Elsie next year...just not a fan of loud noises yet. :) I grew up at the AV parade...and remember when there was a farmer working the field where the Walmart now sits...right where you were sitting. That was our parade watching street too. :) Happy 4th!