Friday, February 4, 2011

Second Time Around

It's crazy that we're expecting another baby. We're so excited! It's been different this time than with monkey. Not really physically, I had the morning sickness in the first tri, now the headaches in the second tri. I am getting bigger faster, which I guess is normal considering you've already torn your abs in half once...I know, eww. But with monkey, I knew every Monday how many weeks I was, when my next appt. was, and it felt like forever until he came, I checked my books and online to see how big he was, what was developing, everything was new. This time, I keep forgetting how many weeks I am. I have to go back and count on the calendar. It is just flying by, we have our ultrasound on Feb. 21 already, so crazy! But we can't wait to find out what we're having. I think we're just so busy with life right now, it's hard to stop and think about it. Derek is working 70+ hours a week, I'm working and at home with monkey. Maybe this spring it will sink in a little bit more:) I am just super excited for monkey to have a sibling, someone to play with and live life with. He will be an awesome older brother.

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