Thursday, February 17, 2011

Five Days in the Mountains...

Olympic Park

I'll first start by saying that we both haven't been away from monkey for more then one night, so this was huge. I tried not to think about it a lot before we left. Even as we were leaving and monkey was crying and reaching for us, I held it together, trying to think of other things, but it broke my heart. It wasn't a question of whether he would be safe and taken care of, I had all the confidence in the world for my sister to do a wonderful job lovin' on him. It was the fact that he didn't know or understand that we would be coming home in five days and not being with him, as he is a piece of both of us.

As we landed in Salt Lake City, we got our car and went to the hotel and I realized I forgot my sunglasses, I completely lost it, tears, sobs, sharp inhales, ugh, not a pretty picture and not a very good way to start our first vacation together in five years. Obviously I didn't really care about he sunglasses, it just triggered all the emotions I had inside.

We were able to skype with monkey, and again I broke down at seeing him. Skype is an amazing thing! We were able to say goodnight and he was able to see that we were still there. So cool. I felt much better after that.A couple months ago we were talking about going on a vacation before the baby comes, but we can't go anywhere until after tax season, which would be too late for me to fly. So, Der had to go to Salt Lake for an audit and we decided I would go with for a long weekend. He actually didn't have to work that much, which is nice.

We arrived Friday night and went out to eat to a mexican restaurant. I really love burritos and there was one on the menu called "burrito grande" it said that if you ate the whole thing you get free fried ice cream. I didn't think it could be that big...the waitress brought it and I am not exaggerating when I say it was 12 inches long, 6 inches wide and about 4 inches thick, it was ginormous!! I was able to eat about 1/4 of it. So no free dessert for us:)

On Saturday, Der worked in the morning and we went to a delicious restaurant called, "The Copper Onion." Very good. We love food and they do not lack good places to eat in down town SL. Then we went to check out the Mormon Temple, crazy big place. We also discovered a delicious frozen yogurt place called, "Spoon Me." We went there on Sunday again too:)

On Sunday, we debated whether we should go to the Dew Tour to watch some snow boarding or go to Park City and check out Olympic Park. We thought about doing both, but didn't want to be in the car all day. We went to Park City, really cool city. One bad thing about being pregnant, we weren't able to board while there, kind of hard to be around all the wonderful mountains and powder and we can't enjoy it:) Olympic Park was fun, we saw the bobsledding course (which you can do for just $200), the jumps, very sweet. We did a little shopping and then found a really good New York style pizza place, oh man we love pizza!

Bobsled course, we walked about half way up, super steep.

Der and I carrying the Olympic torch:)

Monday, Derek had to work all day, so I checked out a french patisserie and did a little shopping downtown. For our Valentine's dinner we just ordered PF Changs to go and ate in our room, the only restaurant we could actually go to here at home.

It was bitter sweet to be leaving on Tuesday morning. I was so excited to see monkey, but Der had to stay and work. Monkey was taking his nap when I got home, so when I went in there to get him when he woke up he was very surprised:) Soooo good to be home. Der left from SL to California for another audit yesterday and will get home early on Saturday, just in time for my birthday:) He then has to leave next week again to go to Florida for 10 days:( We can't wait for tax season to be done.I LOVE the mountains!! It was great to be surrounded by them again. Someday I hope to live in or close to mountains, there is nothing more gorgeous that God created on this earth. We had a good time, we'll see where we go in another five years:)

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