Thursday, April 28, 2011

Eggs, Caramel Rolls and Family

We went to ND for Easter for the first time in 5 years.  Normally it's during tax season, Derek is working Saturdays and he's not allowed to take time off, so it would be too short of a trip to be worth it.

We had a great time with family.  Both our families live in Jamestown, 3 blocks apart, which can be good and bad.  Awesome that we can see both of them in one trip, hard running back and forth the whole time.

We got to meet and snuggle with my good friend, Missy's beautiful baby girl Gabby.  I just forget how small they are even at six weeks.  Missy also got to experience our energetic, toy throwing 21 month old...something to look forward to:)

We took a back road and Hakan giggled the whole time from the bumps.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt couldn't be at the park because of how wet and cold it was, so it was at the Civic Center, on the cement floor, very Eastery:)

First sucker, he liked it:)

 Derek's mom boiled a ton of eggs to color.  Hakan had a blast.

He actually bit an egg...not sure what he was doing, ha!

He was playing them like a piano, so funny.

We went out to my step dad's farm to see the baby llama and baby lamb.  It was pretty funny watching my mom and step dad wrangle both of them.  So cute!
My little playhouse from when I was little.  I got this picture right as he was throwing open the shutters, perfect!

It was a fun filled weekend with lots of family and delicious food...especially caramel rolls, with which I had one too many.  Our little trooper was all tuckered out on the way home.

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Becca Groves said...

Lacy, I had no idea you were a blogger! So excited to add you to my list of blogs to read! That video of Hakan laughing at the bumps is so funny.

And I ADORE your blog adorable and fun.